Cotswolds Wedding Supplier Interview

2020 has been an incredibly tough year for the wedding industry, so I reached out to some wedding suppliers to as about them and their businesses. As a photographer that travels the country shooting weddings, I want to try and get a few of these interviews done from all over. Having spent time as a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer I reached out to local supplier Rebecca Hobbs of Bijoux Floral to ask her some questions about her wedding flower business and if she had any tips and advice for brides and grooms to be. I hope you enjoy this Cotswolds wedding supplier interview and you get some value from it!

cotswolds wedding supplier interview

If you had could give a bride and groom to be one piece of advice when it comes to their wedding flowers what would it be?

Choose flowers and colours that represent you, your personality, and what you love. Your wedding day is just that, yours! Don’t feel pressured into following the latest trends unless it’s something that you love. Trends come and go and often they look tired very easily. If you love bright bold colours, go for it! Don’t ever think just because it’s a wedding you have to tone it down, that’s not the case at all.

Which area of the UK do you cover the most? What’s so good about weddings in that area?

Based at the foot of the Cotswolds, I predominately cover the Southwest of England including Somerset, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire. Although, I am happy to work further afield and have designed weddings in Warrington and London.

The Cotswolds and surrounding areas are a beautiful place to work and there is such a diverse choice for your wedding flowers. One week I can be flowering a stunning converted barn or a marquee in a private residence, the following week I might be at a beautiful Manor House or Medieval castle. There really is something for everyone here and the views are breathing taking, with ample opportunity for incredible images. It’s not surprising a lot of our couples are not from the area but fall in love with it.

How far in advance do you believe couples should be looking into their floristry for their wedding?

I’m a little bias when it comes to flowers and I personally feel they should be booked fairly soon after booking the venue. Generally, we find Saturday-Sunday dates get booked 12-18 months in advance between May and September. Bank holiday weekends are always in demand. My advice is if you find a florist whose style you absolutely love, get in there quick and get your booking secured.

How would you describe your service and style to couples?

All my couples are at the center of everything I do. From the first contact whether that is looking on social media, website, or sending me an initial inquiry form I want them to feel relaxed and confident that they are in exceptional hands with me. Your wedding will be one of the memorable occasions of your life and I’m here to assist you to make those memories. Therefore, the most integral part of my business is making sure that I’m there for all my couples for whatever support they need and of course to provide gorgeous florals.

Our signature style is beautiful, timeless, elegant flowers in a flower-rich style which means we are unapologetically generous with blooms. We create luxurious floral designs with a real impact using seasonal flowers and foliage sourced from locally grown suppliers where possible at the very peak of their beauty. Every single stem plays a part in evaluating your day to something truly remarkable.

What do you love most about providing flowers for weddings?

This is such a hard one, as I really love every aspect of it. Well perhaps not the 4am starts for market days but seeing all the flowers makes up for that.

From meeting the couple and discussing their vision. Bringing that vision together on a detailed, beautifully presented proposal to create the floral designs for the big day itself. My absolute, most favorite part is when I deliver the bridal bouquets and seeing her reaction. It’s something that never gets old and it’s at the point that I hold my breath. I’ve been a florist for 23 years and I still get nervous. But nerves are good, it shows I truly care.

My other big passion is providing large bespoke designs, I love the creativity and challenge they provide. They also become I real talking point for guests and something to remember.

How did you get into floristry and how long have you been running your business?

I’ve been a florist now for 23 years, I find that hard to believe as I’m only in my 20’s in my head! I sort of fell into floristry at a young age, working as a Saturday girl in a local florist. It’s was my job to clean buckets, wash floors, and make cups of tea. Not the most glamorous of jobs but actually vitally important. When I left school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, and having had a horrible time for school I really didn’t want to stay on for A levels. So, I opted for work-based learning as a florist and I loved it! I attended the local college for 3 years and gained formal qualifications in floristry, retail and customer service. I started Bijoux Floral Design 15 years ago, working from my mum’s potting shed it’s grown and developed over the years and I currently have a new workshop being built. I have had a few other jobs over the years, which has given me so many other skills that I can bring to my business, but I’ve always come back from floristry. It’s what I love and it’s my passion.

Do you have a favorite flower to work with?

That is such a difficult question for a florist. As the seasons change so does my favorite flower. I can see the beauty in every flower and depending on the design I’m creating will determine my favorite flower at the time. At home, I love nothing more than a simple vase filled with the same flower. I currently have a small vase of scabious cut from my garden in my office, last week it was a dahlia and next week it’ll probably be sweet peas. However, the one flower I won’t ever use is rainbow roses – yuk!

Being a florist means you have to be creative, what inspires you to stay creative?

I find inspiration to be creative everywhere. Listening to a couple and what inspires them and how I can add elements into their wedding to reflect this. Walking my dog, Tilly and taking in the beauty of what surrounds us and the seasonal changes. Reading books, social media, attending flower courses, chatting with other florists. The list is endless. I never ever want to stop developing as a florist and even being a florist for as long as I have, I would never claim to know everything, I’m always learning and trying to develop my style further. I also enjoy other creative pastimes and have learnt other skills through the years including, photography and calligraphy. I love presenting wedding flowers with a beautiful handwritten note as a little keepsake.

What advice do you have couples trying to budget for their wedding flowers?

Trying to budget for your wedding flowers can be really hard as no 2 weddings are the same and prices change depending on seasonal availability and location. My advice would be to speak to your florist about the florals you would like for your big day. Be open and honest about what your budget is, they will be able to advise you if what you want is achievable and if not the best way to use that budget to get the most out of it. The main thing to remember is that planning a wedding shouldn’t be stressful. Find suppliers you connect with and trust will do a good job. Do some research, look at reviews and recommendations from others. Most florists have a good network of colleagues and are often able to recommend someone else if they are fully booked.

Thank You, Rebecca!

A HUGE! thanks to Rebecca of Bijoux Bridal for answering these questions and giving some tips for couples looking for wedding flowers for their big day. I really hope you enjoyed this Cotswolds Wedding Supplier Interview If you’re still looking for a florist to make your wedding look incredible then please head over to the Bijoux Bridal website to find out more!