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Jose + Viktoria’s Caswell House Wedding

Where better to marry your best friend than in the Oxfordshire countryside at Caswell House. I remember asking them why they chose this wedding venue for their big day. I remember them telling me that they loved the history of the venue and that the surrounding English countryside made the whole place feel so nice. Both Jose and Viktoria told me they were excited about getting wedding photos in the walled garden.

They knew that the Cotswold stone barn would be a perfect backdrop for the photographs and a great setting for their wedding breakfast. Th enow newlyweds opted for an outdoor wedding ceremony under the ancient archway of the Loggia.

This 15th century wedding venue has so much history. I think its really cool that your wedding will someday be a part of this history. The entire wedding venue is surrounded by cotswold stone buildings. This tied in with the ancient orchard makes this wedding venue a perfect location for wedding photos.

bride and groom holding hands in the grounds of Caswell House

64 Wedding Photos At Caswell House

All of the photos of weddings that I take are taken in a really relaxed and unforced manner. I really try to let the day unfold naturally without staging anything. Obviously you can see there is a large group photograph below of the full wedding guests. Other than that its just me and my camera documenting what’s going around me. Oh one last exception. The portraits you can see if the bride and groom were taking with minimal detection. It’s mainly just Jose and Viktoria being themselves and enjoying a short break from the excitement and energy of the wedding.

outdoor ceremony set up with white chairs in Oxfordshire

bride having makeup applied with brush at Caswell House bridal suite

view through iron gates of chairs at Caswell House

groom having flower places on chest before wedding

brides shoes and accessories displayed for wedding photo

mother of the bride planning on necklace in nice window light

mother of the bride taking a photo of her daughter

Caswell House bride looking at her bouquet

mother and daughter enjoying moment before wedding

bride in her wedding dress leaving the Caswell House bridal suite

bride and her father walking to the entrance of Caswell House

wedding guests seated on white chairs at wedding ceremony


bride walking down the aisle with father at Caswell House

father of the bride gives away his daughter

Caswell House with wedding happening in distance

poem bring read at Caswell House wedding

bride with eyes closed during Caswell House wedding ceremony

wedding ring being placed on finger of bride during wedding ceremony

Caswell House flowers in the background of wedding couple

bride celebrates Caswell House wedding being over

bride kicks over a bucket in wedding tradition

confetti is thrown over bride and groom with Caswell House in the background

groom spins bride around with Cotswolds stone behind them

Caswell House wedding guests walk along stone  wall

champagne glasses together in the sunlight

candid wedding photo of wedding party

wedding guests smiling in the Oxfordshire sunshine

groom admires his wife in the Caswell House barn

close up of wedding name card on table

close up of wedding favour on wedding table

wedding menus on table at Caswell House

overhead photo of wedding table setup in Caswell House barn

all of the wedding guests stood in Caswell House court yard

bride enjoying her wedding dress in the Caswell House walled garden

bride dances in her dress in the Caswell House walled garden

wedding dress with bride smiling

bride showing off her dress at Caswell House

bride and groom in front of cotswolds stone and sunlight

bride and groom put heads together for wedding photo

couple pose for a Caswell House wedding photo

bride and groom walking the grounds of Caswell House

groom holds his wife's wedding dress in the walled garden of Caswell House

couple stand on bridge in the Caswell house grounds

close up of brides face with her husband

Caswell House wedding photographer

couple walking in backlit sunshine at Caswell House garden

cotswolds house behind bide and groom

close up as couple pose for a photo

bride and groom dance inside the Caswell House wedding venue

bride holds bead above head for tradition

bride and groom laugh during speeches at Caswell House

groom in a suit with his bride in her dress at Caswell House

couple pose for a Caswell House wedding photo

groom and bride face away from photographer for photo

couple having a photo session at Caswell house

bride and groom laughing during photoshoot at caswell house


wedding guests all raising glasses at caswell house

view of speeches from outside Caswell House

bride and groom cut the cake at caswell house

bride and groom having their first dance in caswell house

bride dancing with her wedding guests at her own wedding

bride watches saxophonist at wedding party

wedding party celebrating the party

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Caswell House Wedding Photos

Cotswolds Weddings

The UK is home to some of the most beautiful and luxury wedding venues. The cotswolds has its fair share though. This is why I love being a Cotswolds Wedding Photogrpaher. This venue set in the Oxfordshire countryside is definitely up there. I’m pretty certain there will be zero disappointed brides or grooms after getting married here. The ceremony room has beautiful stone walls and when its filled with your wedding flowers and wedding guests its going to be magical. I cant wait until the next time I get to photograph a wedding here.

If you’re considering having your wedding here and you’re on the look out for a Caswell House Wedding Photographer to capture your special day then please get in touch. Feel free to view my full portfolio or browse more of my website to see if you think I would be a good fit for your wedding.