Winter Wedding At 30 James Street Merseyside

After this whole wedding was over Alex gave me some feedback about her Winter Wedding At 30 James Street Merseyside and I wanted to share a little bit of it with you. The reason is that I often start a blog post with what it was like and how it was for me as the photographer. So before I go on to tell you about the wedding, here is a little of what Alex said about me being an amazing wedding photographer.

Merseyside Wedding

What 3 words would you use to describe me as a wedding photographer?

Hilarious, Thoughtful, Amazing

Why did you decide to hire me as your wedding photographer?

I loved the way your captured the day from other photo shoots you had done and how natural they were.

While serving as your photographer, what did I do that you were most pleased with?

“You were more like a friend than a photographer. You laughed with us, were there for us if we needed something (when our bridesmaid needed perking up so without asking you went to the local shop and got her an energy drink) . You captured everything!”

What did you least like about your whole experience with me?

Nothing. There is nothing we could fault you on. Without sounding over the top you were everything we could have asked for in a photographer.

What could I do or change that could improve my wedding photography services?

I don’t know why this question is even on the list because we would not change a thing.

Booking The Right Wedding Photography

If a potential couple were on the fence about wether to hire me as their wedding photographer, what would you say to them?

“Do not hesitate. Our wedding was amazing and mostly because of Stephen. He was not only our photographer but also our friend. As soon as he arrived in the morning he was one of us. He laughed with us, jokes with us, and most of all got to know us. My niece wants to be a photographer and you took the time to give her advice and talk to her. That is something we will never forget. Everybody there thought you were a friend of ours and that’s because you took the time to speak to everyone and because of that we have photos which show everyone’s personality which we will treasure forever.”

Ok thats enough about Alex speaking so highly of me as her wedding photographer. This was a great wedding for me though. As soon as I arrived at the bridal prep at 30 James Street Alex, her friends and bridesmaids made me feel really welcome and I was able to capture the morning really naturally. I often don’t get my camera out right away so I can spend a little time getting to know everyone. This usually puts people at ease allowing for more organic images and moments.

Winter Wedding

As I got on with her friends, sisters and bridesmaids so well a pattern began to form and I was getting along with everyone else at the wedding. I began to blend in and was able to shoot this liverpool wedding from within. If your having a 30 James Street wedding one thing you need to know is that its not a huge venue. 

This was perfect for Alex’s wedding in the sense that the whole atmosphere gave off a sense of togetherness and intimacy on a bigger scale. It was like one big bridal party! 

Alex and Jasons Liverpool wedding was really relaxed and fun. The whole day represented their personalities as a couple. This is the second time I have been a 30 James street wedding photographer and its just a great venue to shoot at. 

I do wish we had had better weather on the day but its was really wet, grey and miserable outside.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the wedding day and a couple more questions that I asked Alex after she had received the images.

What was your favourite part about the wedding?

“Our favourite part of the wedding was saying I do. From that moment you feel together in a way that is different and nobody can prepare you for that feeling until it happens.

What made you feel special?

We know we’ve already said this but the fact you were just there. You weren’t like any photographer We had ever met at a wedding. You wouldn’t have even known you were there. Our guests actually thought you were our friend and you were the talk of the day the morning after.

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