As well as wedding photography I also offer a pre wedding shoot otherwise known as an engagement shoot. I’ll always mention to my couples that the options is there should they want to have some fun and have a feel of what its like to be photographed professionally.

You can ask any of my past engagement shoot couples and they’ll tell you how much and and how relaxed they are!

Before the sessions happen though I’m commonly asked “what should I wear?”

So I decided to put a post together with some helpful tips and advice that may just help you. Please note that these are not instructions but just a gentle guide though what works best.

Wear What You Want To Wear

Ok I’m not saying come in unicorn pyjamas though it is your session after all! What I mean is, you should wear clothes that make you feel like YOU! You may see some images online of a beautiful couple dressed in a particular way but don’t think you’ll look good in what they have on.

Its so important for you to be yourself in the images. The more you feel comfortable in what your wearing the more you’ll be you in the images. Lets just get you, but at your best!

Co-ordinate & Compliment

When you guys decide on what your wearing takin into consideration what the other partner is wearing. One major rule is that you don’t want to be matching. Thats not to say you can wear the same colours. Just coordinate them in a way that complements each other. If one partner has something in mind they really want to wear try and use that as a starting point. Try not to clash and try not to wear completely opposite colour tones. Reds seem to stand out a lot and its good to avoid in most scenarios as you want the emphasis on you and not what your wearing. Stay away from Neon too!

Don’t Be Trendy

Fashion trends fade and so will your images if you wear something too trendy. Though I must emphasise that its your session so you should wear what you want to wear. Like mentioned in point one. I’m simply pointing out what works best!

Wearing a more classical look will give you much more longevity in your images. Classic looking clothing seems to look effortless, just like your love for one another right?!

Bring More Clothes

Your shoot as mentioned should be more about who you are than what your wearing. Its not a fashion shoot after all. Though you may want to consider bringing a second outfit just to mix things up and give your images a little more variety. Or you are torn between 2 different outfits so bring both. Some photographers may not have time for outfit changes, though I allow for one if requested.

Your Favourite Body Part

If you don’t have a favourite part then ask your partner because they definitely will! Get online and find fashion tips to accentuate your assets.


When your deciding on what to wear for your shoot take into consideration whats fabrics you’ll wear. If you decide to wear some lace in your clothing thats going to add a whole new dimension and feel to your photos. If you were to bring along some fur to a Bech shot that could add contrast to the shot. Leather in the woods could tie in with the natural looking surroundings.


Make sure you look the part by bringing along at least one accessory. It could be big and bold earrings or a chunky necklace. The good thing about this too is that you can also remove them to add more variety to your images again.

If guys layer up they can make sure they add variety to the images my mixing up their layers.


Winter or Autumn

Layer up and get warm. I don’t think I could think of anything worse that having a freezing couple stood around. Scarfs, knitwear, sweaters, hats, wellies and anoraks. There are plenty of winter accessories to throw in too!

Summer & Spring

Being in the UK isnt always the warm weather we would hope for but if you could get barefoot on a beach thats going to rock an engagement shoot. Not always practical but sandals look pretty cool anyway. Summer dresses with denim jackets or getting your shoulders out. If its spring time think about florals and pastel colours to give it a real Spring feel.

I really hope this post will help you in one way or another. If you can take one time tip or idea then its served its purpose. If you have your wedding planned I hope you have the wedding you’ve always dreamed about.

To read more about me and my weddings head on over to my weddings page.

Please get in touch if there is anything I can help you with directly.