Wedding Photos At Hedsor House

What an amazing wedding venue this is. I absolutely love my job as a wedding photographer and Hedsor House is one of the best wedding venues I’ve had the pleasure of shooting at. The wedding venue proudly stands over the river thames and it dates all the way back to 1166. So with this stunning location and venue character its no wonder why I lover making wedding photos at Hedsor House. I’ve been photographing weddings for a considerable number of years now. From luxury destination weddings in Italy, the south of France and even weddings in Asia and Africa. Though getting back to Buckinghamshire and shooting here doesn’t let me down. If its luxury wedding images your after, you’ll be sure to get them here.

If you are planning to have your wedding here or have already booked to have your wedding here. I wanted to share with you some information and inspiration for you wedding with some wedding photos. I mean this place is a great place to walk round with a camera even if no one is getting married and you just want to make some lovely images.

Bride in Hedsor House Wedding photo in black and white on her wedding day

Photogenic Grounds At Hedsor House

At Hedsor House its a dream location for making photos of weddings. Its no surprise it’s known as “the dream wedding venue” according to Tatler and Vouge Magazine. The venue is exclusively yours for your wedding day. When surrounded by over 100 acres of parkland and if you have the right experienced wedding photographer you’ll have the most incredible images to look back on once your day is all over. The formal gardens here are the perfect place for your wedding guests to relax and enjoy your wedding day. So the more your guests are relaxing and enjoying themselves, the more I can use my skills as a candid wedding photographer to take photos of everyone having the best time in the most natural way.

Choosing Your Hedsor House Photographer

There are so many great wedding photographers out there, I think even I would find it difficult to know who to hire (I can’t hire myself!). So I understand it can be overwhelming. Though here is a little advice when it comes to finding the right photographer for your wedding at hedsor house.

Check Reviews

Try and find reviews from past clients of the photographers you’re considering. All of my reviews from brides and grooms are on Google. You can find them by searching my business name. Some reviews we get can sometimes be more generic than others though if you take your time and find the really personal sections of reviews, you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

Wedding Photography Packages

Most photographers in the industry have relatively simple packages. From one price that covers the entire day to photo packages that include pre wedding shoots or albums etc. This is why you’ll find some photographers don’t have pricing on their websites as there can be several variables depending on location, time of year or how far in advance you’re thinking of booking your wedding photographer.

Styles Of Photography

I don’t like too much to give styles of photography names. I’d rather not say you much choose someone who makes photos in a documentary style or someone who shoots in an editorial way. The best style of photography is the “style’ you like. However its a good idea to research photographers, gain inspiration and find the one who you really resonate with and you can see yourself in the images.

Schedule A Meeting

I’d be sure to arrange to have a call with the wedding photographer you are considering to have. Lets just say you love their shooting style and you’ve read their about page on the website and you love everything so far. Including that they are within your budget. However, its a good idea you connect with them on a personal level too. Imagine you’ve done all of the above and you really just don’t get on with them in person. That’s going to have a huge impact on how your photos will turn out.

Wedding Photos At Hedsor House

Luxury Venue For Luxury Wedding Photography

Brides and grooms who’ve gotten married here at Hedsor House will never forget that moment they walk out of the Laviana Suite, walk down the grand staircase past the 12 foot portraits hanging on the walls to greet their wedding guests in the centre hall. The whole grandeur of the wedding venue is just the dream place for a luxury wedding. Therefore, having a luxury and experienced wedding photographer will be a must.

Whether your wedding ceremony its taking place in the centre hall or the beautiful 12th century St. Nicholas’ Church, just 300m from the house, you’re sure to end up with the most incredible and luxury wedding photos at Hedsor House.