Sunny Cotswolds Portraits

Now the incredibly busy 2022 is almost at a close I can get back to writing more on my website. Back at my “why I love this wedding photo” series and this time I’m going to mix it up a little. Starting with these sunny cotswolds portraits. There are obviously more than one single image here and I’ve decided that sometimes I’ll share 2 or 3 and sometimes I’ll share just the one.

Anyway enough ramblings.

Here is why I love these wedding photos so much. Firstly Aimee + Rich are just the nicest people and they literally never stopped smiling and laughing during the entire wedding. I’ve had plenty of experience shooting in this area as a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer though I’d never photographed at such an intimate wedding venue here before. The Fuzzy Duck in Armescote is such a great little spot for an inmate wedding. Its so laid back in fact that Aimee and Rich told me that they found it funny that I shoot “fancy weddings” all over the world and now I’m here at a pub in The Cotswolds. The thing is, it’s always about the people. Its the people that truly make for the best photos. Sure the location can add some level of aesthetics but for me its the people and the atmosphere they create.

This is exactly the reason for me sharing these portraits. We had the light and we had the people and we went for a short walk and made these images. No grand venue, no mountains in the background, no high end cars, just the sun and these two gorgeous people.

Sunny Cotswolds Portraits

Wedding Photographs in The Cotswolds