Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding

Kate and Michael had some last minute changes with their original wedding photographer as a friend was originally shooting it. Once they had decided they wanted their friend to just enjoy the wedding and not shoot it they were in need for some Photography! They reached out to me and luckily I was available!

Photographing a Cheshire Wedding

This Cheshire Wedding was awesome in so many ways. We had the awesome weather all day, an awesome looking group of guests to shoot all day, a stunning church service, an amazing dressed venue by Red Floral, a delicious cake by Bloomsbury Wedding Cakes and all in the beautiful setting of Owen House Wedding Barn.  This wedding venue has a great feel to it. One of the things I like most about the wedding barn is that its exclusive. You have it all to yourself. Not only that, the staff are great too. Taking all your worries away on the day.  I love shooting weddings all over the world though shooting at wedding venues like this makes me want to shoot more work as a Cheshire Wedding Photographer.

A Church Ceremony

This wedding started here with Kate getting ready with her friends whilst Michael was hanging out with the guys and getting ready at The Roebuck Inn just down the road. After the preparations where over it was over to St.Wilfrid Church in Mobberley, Wedding photos at St. Wilfrid’s church are always going to come out awesome with such a beautiful church!

A Barn Wedding

After the beautiful wedding ceremony was over it was a quick trip back to the venue where I could shoot some more awesome wedding photos for Kate & Micheal. Weddings are all about people and with this setting and the guests around this April, this was just an all round awesome wedding. A wedding is a big celebration and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of it all for Kate and Michael.

This is just a little slice of how I saw the day and how i’ve captured it for Kate and Michael’s wedding at Owen House Wedding Barn.

It was an absolute pleasure being a Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding Photographer. Please get in touch if your thinking of having your wedding here! Or if you’re having a Barn Wedding any where in the UK!


a gentle kiss on his wife head


bridesmaids having fun next to wedding dress


groom adjusting his tie at the roebuck inn


girls having fun just before wedding


facial expressions from bridesmaids


girls having fun with bride


bride putting on her earrings


wedding dress hanging on barn door


excited bride with close friend


bride having her wedding dress put on by friends


barn wedding with bride near hay bails


fussing over the brides dress


back of a wedding dress in cheshire


brides stands in beautiful light


bridal portrait in nice light


priest calms the groom in church


bride walks down the isle in st wilfids church


priest gives service at wedding


bride and her father in cheshire church


happy bride in cheshire wedding


brides reaction at cheshire wedding


wedding guests having fun


bride gets hug from guests at wedding


Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding Photography


kids playing on hay bails


best man at wedding laughing


bride and her friends sat having fun


bride having wedding photo taken


owen house wedding barn bride


owen house wedding barn couple


little girl sat on cart at cheshire wedding


Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding


speech at barn wedding


groom speaking with his wife in cheshire wedding


guests laughing at wedding


best man points to groom


groom reacts to wedding speech


beautiful light at owen house wedding


guests relaxing at wedding


first dance at owen house wedding barn wedding


Party at cheshire wedding


man dancing at wedding


dance moves at wedding evening


dancing people at wedding


hands up at wedding party