Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding Photographer

owen house wedding barn wedding photographer

Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding Photographer

Thanks for being on my site and checking out my work! Most people looking for Cheshire wedding photographers are engaged so congrats if you are! If your on this page specifically could you be looking for an Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding Photographer?

This is one of my favourite wedding venues to shoot at and really allows me to get creative as a wedding photographer. Owen House Wedding Barn is a great choice of venue not only for its edgy and rustic style but the staff there are pretty cool too. Weddings can be all to easy a copy and paste of other weddings but the team here help you create a wedding that is YOU!


fussing over the brides dress


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Barn Weddings

A Barn Wedding But Not As You Know It

Barn weddings are awesome. They have a feeling of authenticity and they are the perfect place to make the wedding just the way you want it to be. Personally I love the outdoors so if I i was to get married again I think Id be leaning towards a barn wedding. I love the bridal preparations in the hay bail area where you can see the bridesmaids getting the bride into her wedding dress. Here is a Barn Wedding that I shot here recently.

A Taste Of A Wedding Here


Photographing Wedding Day Moments

I have many couple who approach me and tell me they don’t like having their photograph taken. Then I won’t. Thats what I tell them. A wedding day shouldn’t be made up of photos. It should be made up of you, your groom, your bride, your husband, your family and friends. Between you all you will create incredible moments on your wedding day and I will simply capture it.

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Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding Photographer

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