Newton Park Hotel Wedding

An old friend of mine got in touch with me when he needed a wedding photographer. Simon and his now wife Emma had a beautiful Newton Park Hotel Wedding and it was such a happy day. I dont have a favourite photograph from the wedding but I have selected some wedding photos that tell a story of the day in just a few wedding images.

Getting Ready

I love shooting bridal prep as there is such a mix of emotions. Nerves, excitement, laughter and sometimes even tears. More often than not though its just fun. Little Lille almost stole the show with her character on the day of the wedding. Right from the bridal prep Emma had told me its hard to get a a good photo of her so I made it a challenge. I just love this simple yet elegant dress that was provided by White Rose Bridals. They are one of the leading wedding dress suppliers in Staffordshire with over 11 years experience.


bridal prep
wedding dress hanging in Stafford
getting ready


The First Look

Another great moment at a wedding when the grooms first look happens. The face always lights up and the smiles spread around the room. I often ask the groom before the bride comes along if he is going to turn around as she’s walking down the isle or once she has made it to the end. Simon just turned around before his bride made it to him.


grooms first look


The Ceremony

Even though most wedding ceremonies are structured similar it is amazing how unique they all are too. The moment the groom kisses the bride is always a magical moment at a wedding. The lighting in this ceremony room was amazing too. The bride and groom where surrounded by huge windows flooding in lots of natural light.


wedding ceremony


How will you want your wedding ceremony to go? Discussing your ceremony with your wedding photographer is important as it could change how your wedding photos turn out. When I have some information about the ceremony and how it will go always helps me prepare allowing me extra time to anticipate those all important moments.

Newton Park Hotel Wedding

The grounds and the hotel itself provide an excellent backdrop and surrounds for a Newton Park Hotel Wedding. Beautiful gardens, trees and shrubbery really allowed me to get creative.


Newton Park Hotel Wedding


The Wedding Reception

Simonds speech was a pretty good grooms speech. It had a good amount of humour and was full of thank yous and compliments. He left all the really funny stuff to his best man.


grooms speech


First Dance

First dances are alway great too. Everyone crowds around the most popular people of the day and the bride and grooms first dance as husband and wife begins. Simon and Emma where and awesome couple who I loved to photograph. It was a real pleasure and I’d love to shoot it all over again.


bride and groom first dance


I hope you enjoy these wedding images and it may give you some inspiration and excitement for how your wedding pictures may come out!

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