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Why Having  A Pre Wedding Shoot Is A Good Idea


Hey there thanks for coming along to my website. Although I’m a wedding photographer, this page is to give you a little insight to be being a Liverpool Engagement Photographer. Sometimes engagement photography can sound a little nerving or awkward though its quite the opposite. Having a pre wedding shoot is the perfect opportunity to;


Relax In Front Of The Camera

A lot of people including myself are not super comfortable about being photographed. However you don’t want to be feeling awkward during your wedding day on your wedding photos. Having an engagement shoot with your photographer will give you the chance to realise that its not so awkward at all and you’ll be laid back and having fun in no time!

I have a full article on How to feel less awkward during a pre wedding shoot.

Relax In Front Of Camera

Get To Know Your Photographer

Getting to know your photographer is a great way to ensure that on your wedding day, you’ll be totally relaxed and your wedding photographer fully understands how you like to be photographed and what’s most important to you when it comes to the most important photos on your wedding day. My about me page has plenty for you to get to know who I am, though your photographer getting to know you is equally important. Another great reason why having an engagement photographer can result in amazing wedding pictures!

Liverpool Shoot In Crosby

Create Save The Date Cards

Once your engagement shoot is over and your photographer has delivered the images for you. You will no doubt have some amazing photographs of you both that you can use for your save the date cards. Wether you are having a romantic themed wedding or having an arty creative themed wedding. Working with your photographer to workout the types of images you might prefer, you’ll end up with exactly what you are looking for.

Creative Couple Shoot

Have Great Photos Of The Two Of You

I’m sure you have plenty of selfies on your phone and or your social media accounts. Though having a professional shoot of you and your fiancé will really create some awesome opportunity for you to spruce up your social media or give you some amazing art work to hang around the house! Being a Liverpool Engagement Photographer gives me so many great locations to have an engagement shoot. From the beaches of Crosby and Formby to the waterfront along the River Mersey.

Liverpool Engagement Photographer

Wedding Photography Practice

One of my favourite parts of a wedding day are when I get to take the couple off for a mini photoshoot whilst they are in their wedding dresses and suits. However, I always like to keep this time for only as long as I need. I don’t like taking the couple away from their wedding for too long! Having an engagement shoot will help you get a great feel for working along side your wedding photographer so that on your wedding day you can help the photographer nail those amazing photos that will blow you away.

pre wedding shoot formby


If you are looking for Liverpool Engagement Photographer or maybe just someone to capture your wedding in a creative and natural way. Then please get in touch. I’d love to hear more about what you have planned for your wedding day.