West Tower Wedding Lancashire

After our pre wedding shoot earlier in the year. Jayne & Gregg kindly asked if I would shoot their  West Tower Wedding Lancashire at The West Tower for them in December. Luckily for me the West Tower is actually the nearest wedding venue to me in the world! Yes thats right its just 2.2 miles away from my house. One of the many reasons I love being a West Tower Wedding Photographer

Winter weddings can always be little frowned upon first thought as people think of rain, cold, wet dark Decembers and don’t feel like its a good time to get married. Though if you are thinking of a winter wedding then The West Tower have it covered.

Even just taking look at this wedding you’ll see thats its a great place to get married.

west tower wedding


Bridal Preparation

As I’ve mentioned several times before in other posts, anticipation is key to anything exciting really. The bridal preparation part of a wedding is the build up. Its the bride that has to walk out in front of all those people with everyone starring. The excitement, the fun and the emotions just make it great. 

Jayne was one of the more relaxed brides I’ve worked with. Little nerves and lots of smiles and just genuinely looking forward to the day.

Jaynes dress was bought from The Bridal Path was stunning and will hopefully inspire other brides to be to find something just as beautiful. This stunning bouquet was from The Wedding Rooms in Formby.

bridal bouquet by the wedding rooms formby


wedding dress at the west tower


bridal preparation


fastening wedding dress in Lancashire

bridal preparations at the west tower

Giving His Daughter Away

I’m a pretty emotional guy, but I’m not going to talk about me tearing up at weddings. Though I have often wondered what it may be like to give a daughter away. I have one son and my wife is pregnant with our second son so at the moment so no signs of a daughter yet!

It always goes down as a super proud moment for the father of the bride and a happy moment for the groom. I love how everyone looks in this first shot below. You could tell all day that these families coming together was just right.

giving away his daughter at the west tower


The Wedding Ceremony

After the bride had been given away by her father to Gregg, the couple said their promises to each other in front of all their friends and family. There was a beautiful reading and smiles all around. I cant help but get a little emotional at weddings. No matter how many I shoot, it just feels amazing being so close to it all.

groom looking at bride at Lancashire wedding venue


first kiss by bride and groom


Winter Wedding at The West Tower

I mentioned at the start of the post how beautiful the West Tower is for a wedding. One of the main reasons is that its just a great place for wedding photos. The building itself is stunning and although the ground are not huge there is more than enough space for creative and artistic photography. All with practically no posing. A West Tower Wedding is the way to go if you want images like these.

winter wedding at the west tower


barn next to west tower photograph


Jayne and Gregg married


Lancashire Wedding at The West Tower

Wedding Speeches 

If there is one thing that is unique at a wedding its the speeches, but one thing they do have in common is that they all make people laugh, cry, smile, tear up and feel super emotional. A west tower wedding like Jayne and Greggs even in the winter is a perfect place for your wedding party to get together and all get emotional!

wedding speeches


wedding party after a toast


The First Dance

The first dance as Mr + Mrs Weir. Jayne and Gregg surrounded by all their friends and family. Sometimes it takes a while for the other guests to get up into the dance floor with the bride and groom and then for them all to get in to the party mood. This wedding was a little different, the wedding party were up right away and getting right in the swing of things!

newlyweds onto the dancefloor


bride and groom enter at the west tower wedding venue


first dance at wedding at the west tower


bride and groom partying


I really hope you enjoyed these images of this Lancashire Wedding At The West Tower. If you are looking for a West Tower Wedding Photographer please get in touch.