Wedding Photographers Near Me

Wherever it is you’re looking for your dream wedding photographer, they may not just be around the corner. You may have typed into a search engine “Wedding Photographers Near Me” though the best UK wedding photographers are spread all over. Searching local is always a great place to start though. I mean if your dream wedding photographer is just around the corner in a local coffee shop then bingo. What this post aims to do though, its to reiterate the whole “don’t book the fist one you see” scenario.

A Yorkshire Bride

It sounds biased, though a wedding photographer is such an important part of your wedding day because once your wedding day is over. The photos you have are pretty much all you’ll have in terms of remembering how the day went. So its worth looking further afield to find the perfect person to make your wedding pictures. Perhaps your having your wedding in Yorkshire but there is a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer that not only you connect with so well, but you love their images too.

Its really not uncommon for destination wedding photographers to want to travel to new locations to shoot weddings. By travelling they get inspired and it feeds their creativity. So perhaps it makes more sense to book one from far away geographically speaking. So next time you type in Wedding Photographers Near Me make a note of the ones you like but see what other photographers are out there.

Finding A Local Wedding Photographer?

I’m based in the North West of England in Liverpool but I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the UK and the world shooting weddings so I wanted to showcase some locations and weddings that I’ve photographed over the years. You will see here how looking for a local wedding photographer didn’t work out for these guys. So when it came to booking someone to shoot their wedding photography they had me to travel to their wedding venue to shoot the big day.

Before I tell you about these locations and the wedding locations I’ve travelled to, here is a short video to tell you a little about what weddings mean to me and why I love them so much.

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Wedding Photographers Near me

So here are some places I’ve been lucky enough to shoot weddings. In all of these locations and weddings, the couple that have hired me have not been local to me. They have spent time on instagram or google looking for photographers all over the place to find the one they’ve wanted the most.

Cotswolds Wedding Photographer

┬áThis first wedding is from when Paul and Cecile hired me for their wedding at the gorgeous Barnsley House. Its a good 4 hour drive for me here and they found me even though I’m based in Liverpool. In fact these guys found me via another wedding photographer though they still never looked intentionally for someone who specifically shoots Cotswolds Weddings. I do travel a bit further for my weddings from time to time but this 4 hour journey is always totally worth it. If you’ve not yet decided on your venue you’ll not be too surprised to notice that the Cotswolds Wedding Venues here are simply stunning. One of my favourite wedding photos was taken here, you can see this image of a Cotswolds Bride from my why I love this photo series.

Luxury Floral Wedding In The Cotswolds

Lake District Wedding Photographer

One of my favourite places to shoot weddings is in the Lake District. One of the reasons is that I used to visit here a lot as a kid and still go now. So shooting weddings here means I get to work here. Not a bad place to work hey. Couples never seem to need many reasons to get married in the Lake District. It has so much to offer and once your on the M6 motorway its pretty easy to find.

Trying to find a wedding photographer must be a really difficult thing to do. It’s easy as a professional photographer to see the difference between all of the options available all over the UK. Though for a couple having to look through so many different options and packages and award winning wedding photos it’s going to be a difficult decision.

Back to the Lake District and specifically this couple below. Now ironically these guys found me locally but decided to take me with them to the Lake District for their New House Farm Wedding. Clare and Richard both live in Liverpool and originally booked me for a pre wedding shoot. So I suppose on the contrary you could search for wedding photographers near me and then take a local wedding photographer to your wedding away from where you live. Perhaps you’ve chosen one of the gorgeous outdoor wedding venues in the lake district and you live in the midlands.

Wedding Photographers Near Me

Yorkshire Wedding Photographers

Another place that holds nostalgia for me and a place not local to me. Though local to the couple I’m about to take about. Emma and James originally from the Yorkshire region, found me online whilst searching outside of the area to see what other options there where for them. I remember well speaking with them on the telephone whilst I was walking along a local canal near to me.

Yorkshire is a popular place for weddings due to its well known beautiful landscapes and listed building after listed building all over the place. Yorkshire is a pretty late area too and covers plenty of cities such as York, Sheffield and Leeds. Its home to some beautiful towns and Villages too like gorgeous Leyburn, home to Emma and James’ wedding venue Yorebridge House.

Yorebridge House Wedding Photography

This stunning wedding at Yorebridge house on NYE was one I’ll remember for a while. Weddings that take place on New Years eve always leave a great impression on my memory. If your looking for a wedding photographer in Yorkshire but still haven’t found the one your looking for then I’d love to hear from you if you like what you see on my website.

Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Slightly more local to me but still only just a neighbouring county. Cheshire is a beautiful part of the UK and home to some incredible wedding venues. I thought for this part of the article I’d talk a little about Tara and Edward who booked me fore their Cheshire wedding after finding me online and again searching outside of their wedding location.

Beautiful Cheshire Wedding

This particular Cheshire wedding was at Thornton manor. Its a popular wedding venue in the area and for good reason too. They actually have three separate places you can have your wedding. A Lakeside Pavilion, A Marquee and the Manor House itself. I love being a Thornton Manor Wedding Photographer as there is so much character and diversity across all three locations at the gorgeous wedding venue.

I hope this article was helpful for you and if you find yourself typing into the internet wedding photographers near me then sure make a shortlist of the ones you like. Though don’t be afraid to search further afield. There are some incredible photographers who back themselves up with award winning wedding photos. If you’re ever unsure then always give them a call to ask any questions and find out more about them.