Top Ten Tips For Creating A Wedding List

Your wedding is in the distant future and you want to start planning. When it comes to gift ideas you may be thinking of redecorating your home or planning an amazing honeymoon. Either way even a good wedding list will take some planning. After all you’ve probably got a lot of other planning to do so its a good idea to make sure you have this under control.

Here are ten top tips for creating a wedding list.

Make A List

First tip I want to give you guys in this post is actually make a list. Now if you’re reading this then you’re probably keen to make one anyway. However according to a study almost half of couples getting married don’t even make a list. 

Studies have also shown that if you do have a list, guests are more likely to get you a gift.


writing a wedding list


Use An Online List

There are some great tools out there such as the John Lewis Wedding List. Using this can help both you elect the items you want and also makes it easier for your guests to find the things you want without getting duplicates bought for you.

Go online and check out

You don’t have to use the John Lewis Wedding List though there are others on the web you can use.

Provide Price Variety

Just as you most likely have a budget for you wedding. Your guests probably have budget too. After all they’ve probably spent some money on hotels, taking time off work, babysitters and loads of other things. So be sure to have a variety of price ranges in your wedding list to give your guest plenty of choice.

Don’t Underestimate Your Guests

On the contrary to tip number three and according to the John Lewis wedding list team guests have actually gone back to a wedding list to add another item. 

Make A Long List

When you start to make your wedding list its a good idea to make your list much longer than you need. You may think people will end up buying the things that are less of a priority but you can flag the things you want as a priority. This will also help with giving your guests a good variety to choose from.

Ask For Cash

Some couple don’t like to ask for cash but its becoming more and more common. Do you have something in mind that you would like to buy with the cash you could raise from wedding gifts? Perhaps a honeymoon or redecorating your new home? If you do want to ask for cash just be sure to let your guests know in advance what the money is for. Guests are twice as likely to donate cash as a gift if they know what the money is going towards.


wedding cash


Be More Bespoke

I’ve mentioned the John Lewis wedding list and as its a department store your limited to what they offer. Don’t get me wrong John Lewis have a pretty wide range and also have an option for honeymoon vouchers. Though if you chose a list like Prezola you can have a little more variety with many more bespoke options.


honeymoon flight


Allow For Plenty Of Time

Back in the day a wedding list would be attached or handed out with the wedding invitation. The reason people did this was that it gave guests plenty of time to shop and save for items on the list. Most recommend sending your list out at least 3 months before the date of the wedding.

plenty of time


Think Wedding Images

As a Liverpool photographer shooting weddings all over the Uk and Europe sometimes its hard for me to show clients what my wedding albums look and feel like. Yes I have pictures I can send them but you really have to feel my wedding albums to really appreciate them. Now because my wedding albums cost a little more than your average high street retailer. Many of my couples ask their guests or parents for a wedding album. That way all of your favourite wedding photos will be collated in the perfect way.

Frames are good choices too. That way when you get your digital file back from your wedding photographer you can go print and frame them right away.

Saying Thank You

If you do decide to use an online wedding list service. They will be able to track exactly who bought what. That way you’ll be able to be a little more specific when writing your thank you cards referencing the gift they bought.


thank you card


So there you have it. If you found any of the useful or think that someone else could benefit then please share it with your friends. 

I wish you the best wedding ever and its what love always dreamed of. Pleas feel free to have a browse though my other blog posts or even have a look at my wedding photos.