Taormina Destination Weddings

Why So Many Couples Choose Taormina for their Destination Wedding


Of all of the Wedding locations in Italy. Many people highly consider Taormina. Perched on a cliff overlooking Mount Etna, is one of the most beautiful and romantic towns in Sicily. Imagine waking up on the morning of your wedding to the sunrise glittering on the Mediterranean Sea, marrying your true love under a clear blue sky, sharing delicious Sicilian food with your nearest and dearest, and watching the sunset from the beach.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Read on to discover many more reasons why Taormina may be the perfect wedding destination for you.

Taormina Wedding Photographer

Incredible Venues

You’d be hard-pressed to find a venue in Taormina you don’t instantly fall in love with. The architecture is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else and there is an abundance of flowering plants and shrubbery growing everywhere you look.

Depending on your beliefs, you could hold your ceremony in a vibrant garden, out on a terrace, in a civil ceremony hall, or in one of the baroque churches all over the town. If you’re catholic you’ll have even more choice. Venues such as Villa Schuler and Hotel Timeo are just two of my favourites.

Delicious Sicilian Food

Sicily has a long history of being a point of trade for travellers and for being invaded. While the latter was not good for those living there at the time, those two factors have done wonderful things for Sicilian cuisine. The local food has influences from mainland Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and the Arabian Peninsula. The spreads you’ll have at your wedding will be delicious and you’ll have fantastic wine to pair it with. This is one of the very strong reasons people have a Sicily Destination Wedding.

Pedestrian-Only Streets

There are many towns and cities all over the world that make for a picturesque wedding destination, but it can be a challenge to get the perfect wedding photos in quaint streets if there are cars constantly pushing through or blowing the bride’s dress and hair around. The charming streets and alleys in Taormina are almost all pedestrian-only, so you have free rein to stand in the middle of the street and make the most of the destination in your photos.

Ancient Ruins

You don’t often walk into someone’s home and find they were married somewhere with ancient Greek and Roman ruins – but Taormina has it. The Teatro Greco (Greek Theatre) was built in has one of the most famous and picturesque views of Mount Etna, and you could make it a part of your own history by visiting it on your trip or taking some of your photos there.

Spectacular Beaches

Taormina has arguably some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Azure waters, white sand, framed with rocky embankments lush with foliage – you really would struggle to find a better place to walk along the beach at sunset with your beloved alone or for your photos. A popular spot is Isola Bella which i would high recommend if you’ve not been before!

Of course, there’s also the opportunity to get out on a boat for some beautiful couple’s photos with the rising landscape of Taormina or Mount Etna as your backdrop.

Reliable Weather

The weather in Taormina is blue sky and sunshine almost year-round, so you can book your wedding with confidence (unlike here in the UK). It’s a weight off your shoulders to know that you are almost guaranteed the perfect wedding weather. I love shooting weddings all over Italy and I recently shot a wedding in Lake Como where the weather can be a little more unpredictable.

The Wedding Photography of Your Dreams

With the beauty of Taormina surrounding you, you won’t have a single photo from your time there that you don’t adore. Taormina is a wedding photographer’s dream, and as a Sicily Wedding Photographer, I can say that choosing a destination wedding in Taormina won’t leave you wanting for anything else! There are so many varied locations and opportunities for the perfect romantic photos. I love being a Taormina Wedding Photographer and if your planning your wedding here I’d love to here from you!


Taormina Destination Weddings


So it’s no wonder why Taormina Destination Weddings are so sought after. Planning a wedding in Italy must be so exciting. If it helps Ive put together a shot list of Do’s and Dont’s for planning destination weddings.   If you’re thinking of a destination wedding in Taormina, why not get in touch? I’d love to learn more about you, your fiancée, and your wedding plans. Just contact me and we can arrange a Skype to have a chat all about your wedding!