When it comes to choosing a Liverpool wedding venue, the Royal Liver Building has to be the most iconic choice of them all.

This post is part of a series of blog post on wedding venues from a photographers perspective.

All venues have their own character and style. I’m sure they all have great staff, spaces for guests, great food or connections with caterers.

Though how do you know which ones are great for photos?


Your wedding photography is all you have left to look back on once your day is over.

So, is your venue a good venue as far as photography is concerned?

This doesn’t necessarily mean how pretty the wedding venue is. There is much more to it than that.

Here is a brief overview of the Royal Liver Building from a photographers perspective.

Liverpool Wedding Venue – Royal Liver Building

Photography, as many photographers will tell you is all about light. Natural light is beautiful and comes in many forms from noon sun to dusky sunsets. Natural light will help create the most beautiful photographs.

One main advantage for this wedding venue is the natural light available.

Its huge rooms and large windows are perfect for any photographer to capture emotions and the story of your day as it unfolds.

Not only does it have big windows, the views out of these windows are awesome. If its not looking across the river mersey then you have the historic Cunard building right next door.

The building itself can look really dramatic from the outside if you look at in the right way.

The Royal Liver Building would look amazing in the background of any wedding photos.

Even putting the building aside, its just a stone throw away from the rivers edge which again would make for some spectacular images.

It’s small but intimate bridal room would again make fabulous images as the light in there is fantastic. The tall windows fill the room with light. Dropping light from up high as well as direct through the window. See the image below.


To summarise the venue from a photographers perspective then.

This place has lots of natural light with lots of great backdrops for some natural images outdoors along the river or closer to the building. A great Iconic place to marry if Liverpool is your thing.

The team that run the venue are great and I have worked with them on a couple of projects in the past and were super helpful when needed.

You can find out more about the team and the venue by clicking the link below.

Find out more about the Venue at the Royal Liver building

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Here are some images I took to inspire me in writing this post.