A Bridal Shoot At Inglewood Manor

One of my favourite things about being a wedding photographer is being around people. For me being and working around people is what keeps me ticking. As I run my wedding photography business myself from home things can get a little lonely after all the blogging and editing. Good job I love doing what I do then! This blog post is about a recent bridal shoot I did at Inglewood Manor.

Although I’d not been at the venue before I was really impressed with the wedding venue. Especially from a photographers perspective.

So here I am at this awesome wedding venue and with some awesome wedding vendors to tie it all in together.

I’m going to throw some images into this awesome Inglewood Manor blog so here goes;

Firstly all of these amazing wedding dresses were provided by Opulence Bridal Wear. This company provide amazing wedding dresses to enable their brides to feel and look amazing on their wedding day. Check them out for sure!

The image below is one of Laura Louise Make Up who was the amazing makeup artist on the day of this shoot. You can briefly make her out in the background here applying makeup to out model AmyLou.


This next image is again one of Laura Louise Make Up looking super happy. Over on the right is Leanne from Leanne Victoria Hair Design. Leanne is an incredible hair stylist as you’ll see in some of the images below.


One of the other vendors that helped us out at this Inglewood Manor bridal shoot was Black Cat Floral Design. Here is a shot I took of one of their beautiful bouquets that I placed near some natural light in the bridal suite at the wedding venue.

Inglewood Manor


Another vendor involved in this shoot was Pink Sherbet Stationery. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really taken much notice to wedding invitations. When my wife and I get invited to weddings, I normally leave that to her!

However, as I was photographing the invitations I took a really good look at them. They’re incredible. If your wedding means a lot to you and so do your guests then definitely check out Pink Sherbet Stationery.


Now if Inglewood Manor is known for its classy wedding venue then Suzanne Harvey Bespoke Cakes is known for its classy wedding cakes. Just check these out. So good I’m posting two images here. I can’t believe the detail on these flowers!




Another shot here of Leanne making some minor adjustments to our model Gaby’s hair below.



The second model we had on our shoot was Amy Lou. You can see this photograph below that we took in the bridal suite at Inglewood manor.


You can also see Amy Lou in this image below just outside the venue set in-between these beautiful blossom trees provided by Thornton Events. They provide these beautiful trees as well as a larger tree you can see further down in the post.


You can see I this image below that Inglewood manor has a wide open space which just looks beautiful and creates some excellent space for photos on your wedding day. Again you can see the trees provided by Thornton Events.


This is our model Gaby in another of the dresses provided by Opulence Bridal Wear. I framed her in this shot using the pink blossom flowers. I love this photo because I love how she is framed between the beautiful pink and the shadows are quite strong on the background so both the bride and the flowers stand out.



Inglewood Manor as a wedding venue has loads of positives and one of the strong points its the locations surrounding the building are great for shooting. In this bridal shoot there are lots of staged and posed shots but a more organic and natural style can easily be applied.

That means you can have beautiful and natural wedding photography with amazing backgrounds and surroundings.



This image I took was a little more artistic. I wanted to show the wide open space while being able to single to the bride in the photograph.


Another shot below showing off the beautiful dress from Opulence whilst also highlighting more of the stunning grounds for an amazing wedding at Inglewood Manor.


Another great thing about Inglewood Manor is the huge mirror that they have hanging in the main foyer above the stairs. It was a great way for me to get creative as a wedding photographer.



I have added a selection of images below that showcase a little more of both my photography and some of the amazing work from the vendors that took part in this styled shoot.

It was a pleasure working along side all the people involved and look forward to working with you all again at either a real wedding or on another bridal shoot.

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Thanks for reading!

See the other images below.