Yeah so Liverpool is such a cool city and I’ve not actually headed to the Georgian Quarter for a shoot before and now i’m asking myself why! This Georgian Quarter Liverpool Pre Wedding Shoot with Aynsley + Becks was awesome! We had a coffee at 92 Degrees to start off and had a little chat. Gave them a little pep-talk about the shoot and how relaxed and fun it would be. It’s my most awkward worst nightmare being “photographed” so I make sure that when I’m shooting, there is no awkward posing at all. All the moments you see in these or any of my images are real moments created by the couple. I do give a little direction on where to stand etc but this is all real stuff and all fun!

Georgian Quarter Liverpool

Now I’m not sure why I haven’t shot here in the Georgian Quarter before but I’m super glad I did. I do have to give all the credit to Aynsley though as it was his idea. I do like to go with the couple recommendation for the shoot locations as i want you guys to be in your comfort zones!


Liverpool Engagement Shoot

One of the reasons Aynsley wanted to shoot in this area of Liverpool was that being an architect he loved the buildings in the area and the repetition and patters that where spotted about. This was great as I love patterns, shapes and trying incorporate repetition into my photography.

I’m shooting Aynsley and Becks’ wedding this August and now we have had some time to shoot together I’m super excited about the wedding day. I’ve mentioned in many posts before that having a pre wedding shoot is an excellent way for couples to have a feel for what is like to be photographed by me. That way on your wedding day you’ll have 100% trust in me and what I’m doing!

I have a couple of articles on How to look amazing on your wedding day and if you are having one of these shoots, here are some killer tips on how not to feel awkward when being photographed!

Hope you like these photos as much as I loved taking them!

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couple stood in cool shapes in liverpool


couple in opposite light


cathedral photo


cathedral with couple in liverpool


guy laughing and joking with girl


guy laughing a lot with fiancé


couple stood by yellow doors in liverpool


Georgian quarter Liverpool street


couple walking down canning street liverpool


liverpool cathedral


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