Cyprus Wedding Photographer – The Story Behind The Shot

Cyprus Wedding Photographer


Most of the weddings I photograph are in the UK as I’m based in the north west of England. As well as shooting these beautiful weddings, I’m a proficient destination wedding photographer too. Being a Cyprus Wedding Photographer gives me great pleasure as I actually used to live on this island for almost 4 years. 

Its almost literally a home away from home!

This wedding took place at the Galu Seaside wedding venue on the beach in Larnaca. It was just the perfect day you can see this Galu Wedding Photography in the blog.

This blog post though its all about this one photograph. 

Why I took the photo, how I took it, I even have the settings for any photography nerds like me who may be reading.


bride kissing father


The Father Of The Bride

In this image is the bride and her father. The photograph was taken during the bridal preparations where both the bride and the father of the bride where getting ready. 

As you’ll guess I was there all morning and I knew Vanessa and her father had a great special bond as he face lit up and her eyes glistened every time they looked at each other. 

Taking The Shot

My approach to shooting weddings is relaxed, natural and unobtrusive while at the same time giving you a feeling of what it was like to be there.

I want people the “feel” by photographs once they have them and I don’t just mean physically.

A technique I like to use is composing a shot in my head, getting in position for a shot and then anticipating a moment to happen. 

When I first started doing this it was frustrating and I could never quite make the shots I had in my head. 

This shot however is a perfect example of me hitting the nail on the head. 

I got reasonably not not uncomfortably close to the father of the bride and positioned him in my frame to the right just as I noticed Vanessa was making her way over to her father smiling. I knew there was going to be a special moment so I waited and then hit the shutter as she began to show her father affection. 

Camera Settings

For the technical people reading that want to know the settings in the shot;

Camera – Canon 5D MKIII

Focal Distance – 35mm

F Stop – 2.2

Shutter Speed 1/500

I used these settings to give focus right where the affection was strongest giving you a feeling of being in the moment.

You can see this Cyprus wedding photography in its full blog by clicking the link.


bride kissing father by Cyprus wedding photographer

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