Cotswolds Bride

Why I Love This Wedding Photo

Ive been meaning to share this photo of this beautiful Cotswolds Bride for a while now. I’m really enjoying publishing these “why I love this wedding photo” series and cant wait to start putting more out.

Andrew and Victoria asked me to be their Cotswolds Wedding Photographer and i’m so delighted they did. They got married at Caswell House in Oxfordshire in the Cotswolds and it was such a beautiful wedding. In fact of all of the bridal entrances to a wedding ceremony this is up there as one of my favourites.  Victoria having her son walk her down the aisle was super special to her and it got such emotional reactions from all of the wedding guests.

Obviously from this image you can only see so much of the story in a single photograph though if you look at the blog of their Caswell House Wedding you’ll may see the photo in a little more context. Its such a great venue too. I love the exposed stone, the wooden beams the gorgeous reception area and even off of the preparation areas are perfect too. I was able to shoot both of the groom preparations and the bridal prep.

Other things I love about this photo are that you can almost feel the anticipation from the Groom and his best man. They are both relatively close to the camera as you can see. I feel this increases the tenseness. The cotswolds bride, Victoria and her son are just in that perfect spot of light down the aisle too.

Cotswolds Bride

I’m super excited to be a Caswell House Wedding Photographer again and making more unique wedding photos like this again soon. I never like to replicate my work but just make wedding pictures as a see and feel them on the wedding day. I believe thats what people invest in the most when they choose me as their wedding photographer. Each and every wedding I go to is completely different, because the people and the stories behind them are always different.

Shooting in so many different Cotswolds wedding locations gives me so much pleasure in shooting in some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the whole country really. When couples get in touch with me to enquire about me being their wedding photographer I often say it must have been a difficult decision choosing from so many great Cotswolds wedding venues. Though even if you picked one of a hat you’d end up with someplace amazing.

I hope you liked this short article as much as I loved making it for the couple.

If you’re getting married in the Cotswolds or even anywhere else around the world I’d love to hear more about your wedding and what you guys have planned.