I was lucky enough to book a wedding down in Cornwall almost two years ago. Now the wedding is only 2 months away! So I took the opportunity to go down and visit the couple. This was to get to know them more and also find out more about the location I would be shooting in.

You can see the full shoot of Ness & Henry by clicking here.

This blog though is more about my personal experience when visiting Cornwall.

I have been to Cornwall a couple of times but I was so young I don’t remember the trips.

This trip though, will not be forgotten.

There is so much beauty down there its unbelievable. The turquoise colours of the sea and the vibrant green hills are just breathtaking.

I started my trip with a 7 hour journey from Liverpool by car. I arrived at Trewiston Farm just before 1am. It was a shame driving when it was so dark as I knew I was probably missing out on the views!

The next morning I needed a couple of hours relaxing after the drive the night before. So when I woke I took a short 10 min drive to Polzeath. Henry told me that the beach down there in the summer is so busy you can hardly see sand at peak times. 

When I got there though it was pretty empty apart from all of the hardcore surfers who must have been there early. I had a nice coffee and a chocolate croissant sat on the rocks watching the surfers.

These are a few images I took using my iPhone 7+ that morning.

Cornwall Travel Photography
Cornwall Travel Photography
Cornwall Travel Photography
Cornwall Travel Photography
Cornwall Travel Photography
Cornwall Travel Photography


That afternoon I met with Ness & Henry and they took me round the farm and showed me the location of their wedding reception. It sounds so cool. Cant wait.

We visited quite a few places in the area, many of them off the beaten track. Henry and Ness were super nice to show me around.

After we had finished our session we took a break for a couple of hours to let the sun sink a little lower.

We then went off to another “off the beaten track” location to a secluded beach to get some sunset photos which again can be found on the blog

Just a wonderful place.

The next day I woke early and went over to the milking parlour to see how Ness milks the cows in the morning. I just love new experiences and learning new things.

I watched the sun rise in between the milking and then after got ready to go on another short adventure.

I drove to Rock. A small seaside town on the north coast of Cornwall. I was told prince Harry likes to go on holiday there. 

There were lots of expensive houses. They looked amazing.

I took a ferry over to Padstow to take a look around and see what it had to offer.

It was really quiet when I arrived on the 5 minute ferry ride over. Its a really nice but very small town with more than enough pastry/bread/pasty shops! 

First I stopped for a coffee and a scone with some jam and clotted cream. Before heading for a walk around the town to get some photos to capture the towns character.

I sampled a Cornish sausage roll and some Cornish ice-cream. Walked along the front and almost booked my self on a boat trip to go and see dolphins. Though I didn’t have enough time.

Enough rambling anyway, here are some photos I took on my short but beautiful adventure.