“you got to be yourself, you can’t be no-one else”


“I’ve loved photographing weddings again this year. I’ve bloody loved it. I felt my work this year has been from deep within. I feel I’ve connected with the souls of my weddings. I’ve wanted my images to stand for sincerity and integrity.

First, I must give my gratitude to all of my couples who have put all of their trust in me. Without that trust, these images don’t exist. My love of meeting new people, travelling, and getting to experience one of the most important days for people means I get to do what I love so much for a living.

The start of my wedding season began in Sri Lanka, ended in Ireland and I had many trips to Italy in between.  I’ve shot weddings in Inverness, Somerset, Kent and everywhere in between. Visiting these places and the people at the weddings gives me more and more inspiration to travel more, meet more amazing people and capture so many more weddings. I’m so so excited for 2024!

Thank you again to everyone for having me and in advance for your feedback on these images!