A Bridesmaids Tear

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of my images that get featured in the “why I love this wedding photo” series don’t have great light. My whole approach to photographing weddings is to make sure the light is just right. This image is from Laura and Charles’ wedding. I photographed this wedding in The Cotswolds at the start of 2022 in February. It was actually my first wedding of the year. I always get really excited about the first wedding of the year.

Ive had plenty of experience as a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer in the past. This is my first time shooting at a Cripps & Co venue though.

The reason I love this photo so much is that its not focusing at all on the bride or groom. It’s a simple photo that really shows the emotion of how someone is feeling and although you can’t see Laura and Charles. You know that there is something wonderful happening. I’ve chosen this to be a black and white photograph and I’ll tell you why. I want the soul focus of this shot to be about the emotion and meaning. Therefore the colours become less important.

This isn’t to say that colour isn’t important to me. The bridesmaids dresses are a beautiful forrest shade of green, The mother of the bride is in a really colourful dress. Not mentioning the importance of colour in the skin tones that look great. Like I say its all about the moment this photo.

You can see more from this February Cotswold Wedding by hitting the link. You’ll see more colour and plenty of great moments.

A Bridesmaids Tear

Thanks for taking the time to visit this short post of a bridesmaids tear. I hope you manage to have a look at more images from this wedding. Also if you yourself are getting married or know someone that is planning a wedding I would love to hear from you.