5 Reasons To Get Married In London


I’ve been a London wedding photographer for almost a decade now and I’ve shot weddings not only in this incredible capital city but all over the world. Although the city can often be grey and wet when it comes to weddings here they’re always so full of life, brightness, love joy and more. I travel a lot with my work and I get to visit some incredible places as a destination wedding photographer. Though shooting in my capital city always gives me a sense of pride. So I wanted to share with you 5 reasons that you should have a wedding in London and hopefully inspire you to plan your wedding wherever you are.

reasons to get married in London

1. Beautiful Wedding Venues

London is home to so many beautiful wedding venues and if you decide to have your wedding in this city there will be no doubt that the history of your venue will go back so so far and will be just packed full of character. When you think of the grandeur of St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey or the elegance and grace of venues like the Savoy Hotel or even the Natural History Museum. There will be tonnes of class added to your wedding day. There are many modern options to choose from too such as The Shard, the Gherkin or The Hackney. You won’t have the rolling hills of Tuscany but you’ll have the purity, grit and character of the City Of London.

Wedding Photos At Villa Erba

2. Cultural Diversity

As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, London provides a wide array of cultural influences, ensuring that your wedding can be tailored to any tradition or style. Whether you want a traditional ceremony, a modern celebration, or something unique, London has the resources to accommodate your vision. As an international wedding photographer that’s captured weddings all over the world from Italy to Albania and Sri Lanka to Greece, I’ve captured weddings of many different cultures over the years. It’s something I love about my job as a photographer. Though like I’ve just mentioned, you don’t need to travel the world to photograph weddings of other cultures, when London is home to so many venues that cater for each and every culture.

London church wedding

3. World-Class Services

The capital of England and well known as one of the major cities in the world. So you won’t be surprised to know that some of the greatest wedding suppliers are based here in London. From incredible wedding planners planning weddings from the city around the world, florists who’ve worked for the Royal family, and caterers making the world’s best cuisine for your wedding. As well of course as world-renowned wedding photographers and filmmakers. If it’s luxury and high-end standards you’re after you’ll find it all here to add to the reasons to get married in London.

London church wedding ceremony

4. Historical Significance

London is one of the most historical cities in the world and will with no doubt add such timeless touch to your wedding. Two of the things I love to focus on with my wedding photography are to create not only candid wedding photos but to make my images look timeless too. Having a wedding in a city like London will give you that timeless aesthetic most brides and grooms are hoping for.

Wedding venues such as Hampton Court Palace is a great example of a historic venue. It’s 12 miles from central London but it’s a grade-one listed building and the building work for this venue started in 1514!

more reasons to get married in London

5. Accessibility

When it comes to planning a wedding, accessibility is one topic that can be easily overlooked. Having a barn wedding in the middle of the countryside might sound idyllic and have all of the aesthetics you’ve dreamed about. How your guests will get there, where they’ll stay how easy site visits will be etc will cause its own problems if it’s in the middle of nowhere.

London is one of the most accessible cities in the world, with extensive transport links including international airports, a comprehensive underground system, and numerous train and bus routes. This makes it easy for guests from all over the world to attend your wedding without significant travel hassles. Additionally, London offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and tastes.

London couple on their wedding day

Hopefully, you found this 5 Reasons to Get Married in London article useful. You can find more wedding-related articles below.