Why I Became a Photographer

Back when I was a little kid I can still remember getting my first ever camera. I must have been about 4 years old. I remember having a small plastic camera with a flip up plastic view finder. I’m sure it had a monster theme to it.

I wish my memory was good enough to remember what pictures I took using that camera but unfortunately I don’t. I bet my mother had fun looking at the results once the images where developed! I do remember having fun though which is the most important thing and something that began my journey of creativity.

Fast forward 17 years and I get my first copy of Photoshop. My creativity had died out during my later teens but it was always there waiting for me in the background. I loved the endless possibilities and spend a lot of time on you tube learning new skills and developing old ones.

After I’d felt like id exhausted all my time and creativity on Photoshop using other peoples images, I decided I wanted to create my own. I saved up and bought myself a DSLR and began my next chapter.

After using my camera for a few years a friend asked me if I would take some portrait pictures of his children. I obliged and we where both really please with the results. Word got around and more people enquired about having some portraits done, some family photography, some just kids photography. I loved taking these pictures, they loved receiving them and everyone was winning apart from my time at home.

With my full time job in logistics and the photography my home life was getting shorter and shorter. So I began to charge people for my services. I wanted to add as much value to my customers as possible because I wanted them to really feel like they where investing in something to keep forever.

To cut a long story short, that “how” I became a photographer as the story just keeps on developing to where I am now.

“Why” I cam e a photographer is a much shorter tale.

I love to take photographs

I love to be creative

I love finding out what’s important to people and delivering

I love the job satisfaction

I love taking responsibility

I love new challenges

I love to showcase my work

I love the feedback people give me

Most importantly it makes me, my family and everyone I work for happy

Why wouldn’t I want to be a photographer!

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