"I love that during our ceremony because we are so focused on each other Stephen has captured moments like our parents faces because we would never have seen them."

"What we were most pleased with is just how friendly Stephen was, he wasn't a bossy photographer trying to get everyone into place to pose he just let the pictures happen naturally."

"He gets to know you as a couple and really pays attention to detail."

"It's incredible what Stephen can capture in one picture!"
- Stephanie Keatings

What is it you’re looking for in a wedding photographer?

Not everyone is looking for the same thing or even knows what they are looking for.

There are so many wedding photographers out there but how do you know which one to choose?

Did you know that every bride to be isn't always the right client for the photographer?

Put it this way; if you want plenty of formal shots, lots of posing standing around waiting then you’re not the bride to be for me.

The brides I'm looking for want something a little more like this;

They want a photographer that can capture images that have a more natural feel to them. They want a photographer who will capture images full of emotion and character.

Your wedding is to become a story you’ll want to tell future generations. This makes my documentary style approach perfect for you. Those smiles, laughs, tears and dance moves that you’ll want to look back on for years to come will all become part of your story.

A wedding day goes so fast and when it’s over, the cake has been eaten and the dress is back in the wardrobe, all you’ll have left is your photographs. So no matter who you choose as your photographer make sure it’s someone who has passion for what they do. Make sure they have a personality and are genuinely interested in what’s important to you.

These are my honest beliefs and I love to get know my clients before the big day because its so important to be on the same page as your photographer to ensure your images come out just the way you dream of.

If you think we could work together and you have taken a look at my wedding photography and what others have said then get in touch and lets meet for coffee!


I hope your wedding happens just the way you want it...

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