Top 10 things to consider when shopping for your wedding dress

1. How many people will you take with you?

So your big day is approaching and you’re going to have to select the most important dress you’re ever going to wear. It’s got to be what you want right? But by taking more people with you, you’ll end up with too many opinions. This can easily lead you away from what you really want. Christina DeMarco of Bridal Reflections NYNY said “I have always been a believer that the most a bride should bring when dress shopping is two people”. Have a quick Google and check out their designer dresses for some inspiration.

2. Don’t have too much of an idea of what you want.

Many times my wife has ordered a dress online and within hours has huge doubt in her mind. She is unsure of how it will look when she is in it. Then when it arrived she looks stunning in it. This also works the other way around, just not as often. You may have an idea of what you want and when you wear it, its looks completely different to what you expected. Again vice versa. Just keep an open mind be prepared to try things you never thought you’d see yourself in.

3. There is such thing as love at first sight!

You may not have to shop and shop and try and try. The first dress you try could be the one! If you love it, then you love it. You may have been excited to shop all day with maybe your mother and maid of honour, but getting your perfect dress first time gives you plenty more time to relax or get on with the invitations or book your wedding photographer.

4. Set yourself a budget.

Before you open up your internet explorer or head out the door shopping set yourself a budget and stick to it! Ensure to include all your accessories such as your veil, headpiece and other bits. This can easily be missed out of your budget and will stop those hidden costs popping up.

5. Wedding hair and makeup.

Ok so you don’t have to go wild and get all done up to go out shopping. But take into consideration how your hair and makeup might look on your big day and stylise yourself to a subtler version. This could make a huge difference to how your dress may look and how it could compliment different styles of dresses differently.

6. Make a plan.

Planning is the key to all things running smoothly. Do your research and make appointments, this could prove invaluable to your dress hunting mission. Most wedding dress shops don’t have a walk in and try operation. Wedding dress shops require bookings and appointments, so make sure they know you’re coming!

7. Start looking for amazing wedding dresses now!

OK finish this blog post first and maybe go back to number 6 and start planning. But is never too early to start looking. You need to make sure you have enough time to fit in all your shopping, appointment s, alterations, fittings etc. Delivery could be a factor too! Once you’re engaged though, you’re good to go!

8. Consider the whole day.

When looking at different wedding dresses whether they are sexy wedding dresses, comfy wedding dresses or elegant wedding dresses. Picture yourself walking down the aisle, picture yourself dancing on the dance floor, eating your meal and having your wedding photography done. All these factors change how you may look and also how you will feel in the dress.

9. Don’t be afraid to make requests.

You’re trying on a dress when you think of some small details that you’d like to change. Ask! Don’t walk away missing out on having your dress just how you wanted it. They can only say no, but if they are wanting to make a sale I’m sure they’ll help you out in any way they can.

10. Trust your instincts.

If at any point you need reassurance that the dress you’re trying is the one, then it’s not. If you can’t see yourself at the ceremony wearing the dress you’re trying then again not for you. When you find the dress you’re going to wear, you’ll just know. I hope this guide has helped you even just a little, good luck and congratulations!



Photo comment By Annie Walker: Good tips Ste... May come in handy for someone I know..

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