Top 10 iPhone Photography Tips You Can Use Right Away

Top 10 iPhone Photography Tips

1. Hold down the shutter.

When you hold and press on the capture button your camera will just shoot lots of images until you take your finger off. This is a great tip for when you are taking action or fast moving photos. One you’ve finished you can flick through all your captured images in the one take and select your best shots.

2. Don’t use zoom.

When you use the zoom using your iPhones camera you instantly lose quality on the image and it becomes pixelated. The more you zoom the more pixelated your image will become. So if you can get closer to your subject then you’ll end up with a higher quality image.

3. Tap the screen to focus on your subject.

Your phone is really intelligent and it can decide what should and should not be in focus in your image. Sometimes though it can get confused. So give it a help along the way by tapping part of the screen that you want in focus and you may even be surprised if it adds a little more depth to your photo!

4. Your headphones can be used a remote take photos.

This is one that many people don’t know about! It’s a great tip for taking selfies as sometimes its tricky to press the shutter when holding the camera at the perfect angle!

5. Use apps such as “Typic” to put some funky text on your images.

I use this app a lot and it really helps in adding some character and meaning to your images. If you are in a specific mood or want to get a message across in your image in a really artistic way then this is the app for you!

6. Wipe your lens.

We spend a lot of time on our phones and not always taking pictures. So dirt and grease can easily build up on your lens and lower the quality of your image or even ruin it completely! You’ll be surprised to how much sharper your photos look if you give your lens a quick clean!

7. Don’t use the flash for food shots.

Food shots are being taken millions of times a day and one of the things that makes the food look so great in these mobile shots is the foods colour. As soon as you use your flash you’ll lose all the natural colours of the food and it will also create shadows on your food that will lower the overall masterpiece your trying to create!

8. Use the “Look Birdy” app to get kids or pets to look at the camera.

If you have children or animals that don't seem to want to look at the camera each time you take a photograph, try this. It’s FREE so it’s worth a shot right. In a nutshell it gets your kids or pets to look at the camera lens using flashing lights and noises!

9. Try not to “Point Down” at your kids, get to there level. Find more on this by clicking here.

This tip should be used most when taking photos of your kids but I don't want to go into it too much as there is a full post on this by clicking here.

10. Know that the lens on the back of your phone is a much higher quality than your “selfie” lens.

If your ever thinking of printing your images or want to make sure you get the best quality image then use the camera on the back of your phone as it much better and will serve you much better unless your selfie mad!

Thanks for reading!

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