Beginner Photography Tips - Rule of Thirds

Beginner Photography Tips - Rule of Thirds

We all have to start somewhere. How often have you heard that phrase? Most of the time it can be disheartening as it really means; “you have to start right at the beginning, like everyone else”. In these upcoming blogs there are some photography tips for beginners that will make you feel as if you’ve started much further in than right at the beginning and you’ll be taking photographs like a pro in no time!

Using The Rule of Thirds

Using the rule of thirds is great tip for beginners and one of the most common rules that photographers make use of early on. It’s a fairly simple rule and can be applied when taking photos with a noticeable subject. The rule of thirds is a method used when the photographer aligns his/her subject using the gird shown in your viewfinder or maybe on your LCD screen. If you can’t find it try your cameras settings.

Using this method will make a well balanced and interesting shot however don’t forget that rules are made to be broken, but only if its going to add more interest to your image! You can find out more about breaking the rule of thirds here.

The idea behind the rule is that the eye naturally goes to the intersections of images and not straight down the centre so using this method makes it more pleasing to the eye.

Before taking your shot ask yourself where the interesting points of the image are and where you are going to place them.

Don’t forget that you can break the rule and create some really amazing shots but make sure your interesting points are standing out! You can always use this rule in the editing of your photos afterwards by cropping your images whilst keeping your interesting points in the correct areas!

Using this method regularly will get you in the habit of using it more and hopefully it will become second nature and you’ll be taking more pleasing and professional photos in no time!

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