Pure Natural Newborn Photography

Do you ever have moments in your life where you see things so beautiful you could just look at them forever?

I had one of these moments just a few days ago whilst I was doing this newborn photography shoot for a client.

Capturing these precious moments so early on is so important as many of you will know they go so quickly. Even my client couldn't believe that a week had passed since little Molly arrived into the world.

Like most newborn babies, Molly had the most beautiful eyes that you could stare at for hours just imagining how they might see the world. The whites of her eyes where just so powerfully white and contrasted amazingly against her pure bright blue eyes.

Its looking in to newborn babies eyes that really amazes me. What are they thinking? Every movement they make is just amazing.

Can you think back to when your child or children where just a few days old? How quick did it go?

I love to capture these moments for people and its one of the main reasons I love what I do. I love the fact that time goes so quickly and that it's my photography that can capture moments in the most beautiful way that the images will be hung proudly in the home or even passed down through generations.

I must admit it is a tough job and requires a lot of patience but as you can see from the images its so worth the wait.

As you can see in my photography here I don't use many props or backdrops. I like to keep my style as simple and natural as possible so that whoever is viewing the image can only focus on the pure beautiful presence of new life.

This here is Molly Robinson and I’m really proud that for years to come and even when Molly is much older she is able to look back at these images that I've taken.


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