Protecting Your Children's Photos Online

Are you concerned about having pictures of your children online?

Today’s world is drowned in social media, would you agree?

Everywhere you look from your tablet, phone, TV, billboards there is a hashtag or a link or a description to a Facebook page!


It’s a fun environment with so much to do, learn and share.

Social media is becoming more and more dominated by images. More so than text. Video is the biggest growing but images are the most popular at the moment.

But is this place safe for our children?

I’ll quickly mention the elephant in the room. The internet as we all know can be a dangerous place for photographs especially children. So what can we do to remain vigilant and know that’s your providing the best privacy for you and your children?

Change Your Privacy Settings

Almost every social media platform will allow you to share photographs. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instragram just to mention a few. All of these social networks will allow you to change your privacy settings and your children’s privacy settings if you have access. You can be a s strict as you like on who is able to view photographs and posts that you or your children post.

Do your research and find out how to best secure your profiles on the various networks. It's worth it.

You may find some information useful here...

Privacy Settings For Facebook

Privacy Settings For Instagram

Location Services Turn Them Off!

If you're uploading images from your Smartphone there are laws in place to ask you if you would like them to use your current location. Sometimes known as “geo-tagging”. This will ensure that members of the public will be unable to know where your images have been taken. Ensure you DONT share your location when possible.

Use an Alias

Many young children who have Instagram accounts are using their real first and second names and this can leave vulnerable kids open to cyber bullying or worse. Not only are young children using their real names they are also adding their real mobile numbers to their accounts which is highly not recommended. This information is often open to the public so be aware. Check your children's accounts to ensure this information is restricted where possible.

Know The Risks

Several crime authorities are reporting a rise in the number of predators online posting inappropriate and sexually suggestive on teen and even younger peoples posts. Unfortunately there is more though as even though pornography for minors is illegal, there are many websites out there that contain “sexually suggestive” images of minors which IS legal! So basically those pictures your teen daughter may be posting in her bikini on Instagram or Facebook may end up on a legal website for perverts. Ensure privacy settings are strict and that people adding your children ARE who they say they are!

The internet is full of information to help with all of the above.

Please get in touch if you would like any more advice :)

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