Project 52 by Ste Walker

Week 1

Self Portrait

Self portraits are taken all the time now days. Selfies are more popular than coca-cola. When there are so many being taken though all the emotion in them becomes saturated and they just become "another selfie". Although I'm not holding the camera in this picture I'm using the remote shutter with my flash on ETTL set to -1.

As I'm looking into the lens I had my wife Vicki stood near the camera describing one of my favourite moments I've had since being a father. As she was describing it I stared into the lens. As you can see my reaction is shown below and as soon as I felt really warm inside thinking of that precious time with my son I hit the remote shutter.

Processed with Lightroom & Edited with CS6

Week 2

Landscape: Traditional

My landscape photograph this week was taken half way between the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. I was going to use a photo I took at the Canyon itself but i found this image had so much more. There are tonnes of images of the Grand Canyon all over so thought this one would be a little more unique. Ive made the most of the road leading onto the image, I've used the greenery to the left to add a little colour and although the sky isn't spectacular I love how blue it is.

Week 3

Artistic: Red

This shot was taken at my father in laws office. Makes me wonder how much longer will we be posting letters for? I know we still do it a lot but surely i can't last forever? In the world of ever advancing technology and social media platforms? This is only a moneybox and with my business being really busy at the moment I had to grab something in the house red to get this weeks shot in on time.

Week 4

Portrait: Headshot

This week was a great week for me as i love to shoot portraits and I love to shoot head shots. A great location right on the beach for this one on a recent walk with my wife. I love the natural smile on her face and you can make out the coast in the background. I really could shoot head shots all day. I love the texture in the wooden beam behind her and the all round relaxed nature of the shot.

Week 5

Landscape: Black & White

This Weeks shot was taken at the same location I took last weeks shot. My favourite thing about this image is the composition. I waned it to look and feel different from a traditional landscape. Al though there is not much going on in the sky it adds overall contrast to the image as the is little else in the image. Contrary to this is the detail in the lower part of the image. There is the wonder of the footprints you can see in the sand and wondering where their journeys have taken them. I also love the tones in the sand and grass.

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