Project 52 by Ellie-Rose Quinn

Project 52 2016

Week 1

Self Portrait

I really struggled trying to take a good photo for this, I've got to say, I really don't like taking photo's of myself... but in the end I chose to do it like this because I think it expresses what I believe in; dreams and making them happen. I thought how I edited it, with bright colours, showed how colourful my personality is. I took this photo by balancing my camera at an angle in the bathroom and put it on a 10 second timer. overall, I'm not extremely proud of it, but it was my first attempt at something like that.

Week 2


This photo I like, I went to Southport pier and after researching 'leading lines' I tried to make something that went under that category. I took this photo by placing my camera in the middle of the two tram lines so the shot is right now the centre- I think 'leading lines' is quite effective as I believe its like the photo would never end, that it would keep going on into the distant. I chose to edit the photo the way I did because I wanted to try and make it as if it was old or something of a memory- which explains the faded brown tint.

Week 3

Something Red

I quickly knew what I wanted to do for this task, roses. It may be something everyone photographs but considering the word 'rose' is in my name, I thought, I couldn't not photograph them. I like this photo because it shows the large amount of detail in the petals and focuses on one rose in particular. I believe this photo is suitable for this task of 'something red' since I've made the red stick out the most by making the background somewhat unfocused so it looks like the red is popping. With this task, I chose not to but a major effect on it, I only sharpened and focused. This is because, I wanted to keep the photo natural as roses are pretty in themselves.

Week 4

Portrait: Headshot

I think this shot is quite good, I enjoyed taking this portrait more than taking a my self portrait if I'm honest. This shot was took one night whilst I was getting my sister in bed, the task said try showing some natural smiles- well this was it, we we're in the middle of laughing whilst taking it. I tried editing this photo with many different effects, but the black and white really just stood out to me... the way her eyes sparkle in this photo was extremely eye catching. I really like this photo, its quite natural and shows the beauty you can capture with just one shot.

Week 5

Landscape: Black & White

With this task, I quickly researched and knew exactly what I wanted to photograph, something simple yet not simple. I believe, the rocks and the water work really well together and they just caught my eye whilst I was in Birkenhead. I think the black and white effect complements this photo quite well, the most out of the photos I took. whilst editing this photo, I wanted to make it quite sharp so you could see the cracks and features in the rock instead of leaving it the way it was. I wanted the rock feature to stand out the most.

Week 6

Artistic: Candy

At first I was confused with this task but I got my head around it and hopefully I've done it right. When I researched Marco photography I saw it was photos which looked extremely zoomed in and focused, so I tried to replicate something along them factors. I like this photo because of how the colours pop and how you can see the sugar from the tangfastics gleaming. This photo to me gives the impression of sweet and quite fun.

Week 7

Portrait: Faceless

For this task I wanted to show a story, obviously without using or showing a face. So, I thought a good idea was to picture my dads tattoo which represents his family, my mum, and my three sisters. This is quite eye capturing and sentimental because it shows the relationship and strong bond between our family... its permanent. In this photo, I chose to do it black and white because I believe that effect is more suited for this task or any portrait, also it complements the colouring of the tattoo well, it makes it stand out.

Week 8

Landscape: Panorama

I like this photo as it displays the colours of the sky, rock and water quite well. The idea of this photo was to take a panorama but also make it look in focus and pretty. My favourite part of this photo is the water, especially where you can see the ripples in the waves, I believe they look detailed yet simple. Also, the part of the sky where the sun is shining through, to me, that's quite symbolic. For this task, I tried taking different photos, of beaches, building and skylines but this one was the only one that really caught my eye.

Week 9: Artistic Shadows

"My Own Peter Pan Shadow" was the words of my little sister when I took this and i'm glad, because that was what I was going for. For this week, it was mostly raining so I couldn't find a natural shadow, instead I used a flood light. I like this photo as not only does it clearly show the shape of the shadow but to me, it has a whole story behind it, me and my little sister had so much fun making shadows, and that, is what I believe makes this photo special, the fact that taking this brought and made loads of memories between us. If I could improve, I would try and make the shadow more of the focus and more clear

Week 10: Environmental Portrait

For this week, I chose to do a firefighter, I took this photo when the training team was at work, I really liked the idea of doing at action shot, its exciting and interesting. I like the fact I've edited it in a way where the fire engine is quite vivid as its a strong colour and stands out. if I could change one thing about this photo it would be to make the water more focused and vivid as my aim was to make that the centre of the photo.

Week 11: Reflection

For this week, I didn't really know what to do, I really wanted to do something more artistic like the reflections of buildings on a river however, a while ago I took this photo in the spare of the moment and thought it worked really well with this week, the refection of sunlight on the river. This photo was captured as I was walking away and just happened to catch the sunlight on the river. I've chosen not to edit this photo as this was a photo of natural beauty.

Week 12: Transportation

For this week, I didn't just want to do some ordinary, like take a picture of a moving vehicle. I wanted to try and be artistic with it. I decided to use a bike as my focus, but what I really wanted to do was focus on the wheel and chains, like the zoomed in version of a bike. I really like the way I edited this photo, I think the pink stands out quite a lot, which is what I was going for.

Week 13: High Key Portrait

For this week, I had to play around with my camera a bit, to try and get the exposure perfect. Personally, I think the photo turned out just right, the white background, contrasting with the black and white stands out quite well. Also, I like the way, Corryn is not looking at the camera, I think it makes it look more effective. Overall, I believe I did well on this task.

Week 14: Zoomed In

I think I did this one right, I wasn't sure what was meant by the term zoomed landscape, but I think I did a good job with it. I like this photo because i think the flower stands out as the background is blurred a bit. I took this photo whilst in Southport and thought it was the perfect opportunity to complete this task. This photo is natural, i didn't want to edit in any way as i thought it would take away from the original beauty of it.


Photo comment By Gene Quinn: Really proud of you El , keep learning and keep growing
Photo comment By jordan quinn: Brilliant ell.. Keep it going....x x
Photo comment By Darryl Quinn: Wow Ellie! Great read. Love your photo of southport. Great line of depth, very impressed x X
Photo comment By Jill: Love this Ellie & look forward to seeing the new pictures. I love how you have captured the pier! Dream big Ellie xx
Photo comment By George Quinn: Love your first outing into photography. Dream big and big things happen. I love the Tramline photo it's like your whole life in front of you Good work
Photo comment By Mammy: You have a great talent x keep it up well done
Photo comment By lee quinn: This is really good Ellie. Keep going out there and look for the pictures no one sees.
Photo comment By John: Quality pic of the pier Ellie I could quite easily have that on my wall. Very creative well done you xx
Photo comment By Lewis Quinn: Really profound thoughts—those are the things that makes Artists! Keep going!!
Photo comment By Mammy: That is so good Ellie, you obviously have the talent for it. Keep up the interest and do something with it xx
Photo comment By Ben: That's amazing
Photo comment By Gracie: This is amazing Elli😂🤘🏻
Photo comment By Gene: Ellie this is looking amazing, well done keep completing the assignment
Photo comment By Emma: Very talented Ellie. Some fantastic shots!! Dream big Ellie X
Photo comment By Pap: Amazing work you have a real talent
Photo comment By Debbie: I love these pics Elle your doing really well and thinking of new ideas all the time! Very proud of you xxx
Photo comment By Lee: Great pics keep the focus!
Photo comment By Mammy: Wow Elle you really are growing your potential with this - you also know exactly what it is you are doing. Maybe you could start your own prints and make a little business of it. You should go for it forever your Mammy xxx
Photo comment By Nanny and Grandy: You are really starting to to grow in your perception and idea of the story within your photos. I am so very proud of your determination to improve. Love the pictures of the girls.Can't wait to see your next collection. well done Ellie, !!!!!
Photo comment By Lauren: Girl got skills. I Love them all.
Photo comment By Gracie: Nice photos x

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