OK DO THIS is an app produced by Jeremy Cowart and his team at OK DO THIS. The purpose of the app is give people ideas, inspiration and aid in getting creative. As a photographer I love to be creative and collecting images to record my creativity and I’m always thinking of ways to improve. Everyone who owns a smartphone now is a photographer whether they want to be or not. There is a constant feed of photographs on social media sites. Whether people are at home, at work, with their children, out and about people are taking photographs EVERYWHERE. People post their images to share the world around them, and we love to do it. So lets do it more!
When you have the OK DO THIS app, you will always have a reason to take, post and share. Like I said, people love taking photographs and the app practically says “hey why don’t you try this?” Even you can tell the community “hey why don’t you try this?” and share your creative ideas. So if you have just woken and you’re lay in bed, you’re on the train or in a restaurant. No matter where you are or what you’re doing there will be a creative photograph waiting to be taken. If you have ever thought “what could a take a picture of?” then this is for you.

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