Newborn Photograpy With Scarlett Dunn

During all my years as a photographer including all of my newborn photography this is the youngest person I've ever taken a photograph of. Here before you is 7 day old Scarlett Dunn. What a beauty she is too! I've never met such an inquisitive child at such a young age. Most parents know that one thing babies love to do at this age is sleep. Ok I understand the times in which they sleep are very inconvenient however they sleep a lot. During the photo session with young Scarlett though she was far to interested in what was going on around her. I mean just look at the size of her and then there is a guy pointing a camera (the camera was bigger than the baby) from all sorts of angles around her.

Anyway after her busy mind had worked away and away at trying to figure out what was going on she finally drifted off. She was out. Being patient is all part of my job and to be honest the whole experience is fantastic. When they have fallen asleep though, they are so out of it the just look absolutely adorable! I could watch them for hours!

Below is a selection of images from our session. Both awake and asleep :)

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