Kids Portrait Photo Shoot - July 13

Last week I had an awesome Thursday doing some location portraiture in Rutland. The thing about family portraits in Rutland is the countryside. Its fantastic woods and fields are superb backdrops for awesome portraits of your family. Kid’s portrait photographs look especially great in these locations as they have so much fun and turn the whole experience into a little adventure. That’s when I come in, to capture the adventure and get those all important natural shots.
The weather was just perfect for the couple of shoots I did as it was overcast. A lot of people think sunny days are the best and to be fair, it’s all personal preference. For me though when its overcast it provides a real soft light and this creates a really natural mood for my images, I think it goes perfectly well with the innocence of my subjects. Sunny days can create great photographs but later on in the evening , when the sun is lower and is casts a softer light onto people’s faces.

My first client of the day was 8 year old Sophie who loved having her photograph taken that much that I’m sure she thought she was getting paid for the shoot! A real adventurer she loved exploring the woodlands and seeking out creepy crawlies! We had a great time and got some really good images. As Sophie gets older and more confident I’m sure she’d be a great model as she had patience and loves working the camera!

Later on in the day Emma brought along her friend Hev and her three superstar children Jake, Luca & Sienna.

Straight away, before I’d taken the first snap they were super excited for the shoot. The two boys Jake and Luca were being really inquisitive and Sienna had a permanent grin of excitement across her face. The saddest story in the world couldn’t have wiped the smile from that little girl’s face.

At one stage Luca was dared to pick up a huge slug by his brother Jake and his mum, “pick it up pick it up!” The brave little lad did as well and during that moment of bravery and the uncertainty in his eyes, his mum Emma whacked his hand from underneath whilst screaming and sending the slug flying.

Although Luca got the fright of his life he saw the funny side, cleaned his hands from the slugs residue and carried on our adventure!

The guys and Sienna changed clothes half way through the shoot into some bright funky clothes that really created a different style of shoot. They all felt like little model superstars and in my eyes they were. We had a great time and would love to work with these guys again!
For more family portrait photographs check out my Gallery where you’ll find more of my work.

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