How to Get More Likes on Facebook (Plus a FREE guide on getting better photos on Instagram)!

How to Get More Likes on Facebook (plus a FREE guide for your photos)

Now this isn’t just a vanity or selfish thing to think about. But when you post a photo on Facebook you want it to be seen. That’s the whole point of sharing your images.
What happens though on Facebook is very clever by the guys running the website over in California.

When you post anything on Facebook, how much that post gets seen and how many people see it depends on how many people ENGAGE with it. Now this may be a LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE or even just clicking on the image.

If no one clicks, likes, comments or shares your post then Facebook will assume that no one is interested in it and it will very quickly stop appearing on your friend’s news feeds.

So if you want your friends to see more of your content then you need to get more people ENGAGING with your posts.

Here are a few tips to get more people engaging and there is also a FREE guide available to take better images on Instagram too!

Tips to getting more likes on Facebook!

1. Think about what time to post.

There isn’t a specific time of day that everyone is on Facebook, however there has been several studies done that show 3pm is the peak time of day for Facebook comments and shares. Now although these are only statistics it’s something to keep in mind. If you keep in mind how busy people will be and when they are mire likely to be relaxing on their phones then post when the time is right!

2. What day to post?

Studies have shown that Wednesdays is when most Facebook activity happens. Now there are pros and cons to posting here. There will be more people online so there is more people to reach BUT you must have good content or it may get buried within everyone else’s posts. So it may be better to post when it’s quieter to get more people getting eyes on your content. Just make sure your photos stand out and look awesome!

3. Less is more.

The more you post on Facebook the more likely people will eventually just either get bored or would rather not ENGAGE as there is too much to get involved in. If however you only post 1-2 per day then studies have shown that it’s more likely to be seen by more people resulting in more ENGAGEMENT.

Want to take AMAZING Instagram photos to share on Facebook?
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Here are some other statistics on Facebook posts.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook  Infographic

Want to take AMAZING Instagram photos to share on Facebook?
Want a FREE guide?

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