How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

As a photographer it’s important for me to capture emotional photos as well as beautiful photos.
My goal is to use this and create forever lasting memories.
After all, weddings go by so fast you’ll need some great photos to look back and re-live the story and the emotions that occurred that day.
Memories should look lovely and they will if you pick the right photographer for you.
When it comes down to your wedding day its so important to remember that the whole purpose of the day is for you and you partner to get married. Weddings can be stressful but remember the true purpose of the day!
Some people think that having a photographer who has been to the venue you’ve chosen is important as they will know it well. I don’t think this matters as the location and the background of your images isn’t as important as it’s the people in the images that really make them great.
I love going to new locations and thinking differently to the photographer that might shoot there all the time.
When choosing your photographer look for someone who has work that represents how you would want your special day remembered.
I have a video that can be seen by clicking below and my clients love to watch this to remember their wedding day but for some people they don’t like this way of remembering their day.


What’s more important to you?
A photographer capturing the story of the day?
A photographer who will capture the romance between you and your partner?
Make sure you discuss these things with your photographer before the big day.
Please Please Please make sure that when you are planning your wedding that you leave plenty of time for your photographs. From the creative ones of you and your partner to the family group shots. Like I said before the day goes so fast and weddings can be stressful so to help out you, your partner, all of the wedding guests and the photographer make sure you have some time to one side for the photos to be taken!
When I go off with the couple during the weddings, they often tell me that’s its nice to get away from the attention and crowds and spend some time together as just a married couple!
That’s when you relax a little more and I get some real nice relaxed candid shots of the couple in love.
It really is important not to try and save on your photography budget.
I know of a couple in the past who have hired cheap photographer to have more money to spend on other things but they have ended up disappointed.
As the day is over in a flash and you want to look back on all the important moments you missed as they went by so fast the budget photographer has missed specific moments or not captured it in a away that truly reflects the emotion or story.
Not only that but when you pay the extra money for a professional they are going to put lots of effort into post processing to make you images really wow the viewers and not just take your photos then burn them to a disc.
It’s important to get to know your wedding photographer once you’ve picked one because this person is going to be with you all day on one of the biggest day of your lives!
I always like to meet up with the clients and treat them to coffee to find out as much as I can whilst building a new relationship so we can both work towards the same results. (Getting amazing pictures for you to share now and with your grandchildren!)
I got to know one of my clients and their family that well that during the speeches I got a little emotional!

Make sure you pick photographer who knows how to work with light!

Now you may want your wedding day to have glorious sunshine.

However, can you imagine looking back at your photographs of your biggest day and everyone is squinting in them?

As far as wedding photography is concerned a cloudy day is best.

Either way its really important to hire someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to using the right light in the right place at the right time.

I love using light in my photographs to really add character to the images and make people say wow when they see them.

Its not as simple as just pointing and shooting.

I want you to look your best in all of your photographs and working around the light is a photographers must!

You can learn more about me and my wedding photography on my weddings page by clicking here.

"my favourite photograph is the one i'm going to take tomorrow"

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