Formby Family Photography

Shooting families with wider age ranges makes my job even more interesting. I’m always saying how much I love to be let in to peoples lives and families and this one is no exception. Three great kids all with great personalities.

During the session lewis was playing Mr Cool and as you can see he’s pulled it off. Its often tricky to when shooting with teenage boys as it an be quite uncomfortable. Lewis is really mature for his age though and made my job easy and he’s helped the images come out great.

Not too sure what the Lamberts are feeding little Ollie but that boy has some energy! He loved the camera the most too!

Ella….hhmmm. I think when you include all three kids and mum and dad, she’s the boss. Not a mean one though. A pretty boss with a great personality. She kept the boys in check whist we were out shooting.

Here is my fav from the shoot.

Here are some others from the shoot 🙂

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