Getting Good Shots Of Your Children

I have been waiting for a while now to write a blog to pass on a key concept in photography that is; composition. If there are any photographers out there reading this then you’ll know what I’m talking about. The word composition in the dictionary is described; the act of combing parts or elements to form a whole. What does this mean for photography? In this post I want to talk in relation to child photography and getting more creative. There are endless ways to compose your shots when taking pictures of your young ones as photography is creative and creativity is, well endless.

On social media today the amount of photographs of people kids being posted is never ending. People want to show off their children, not always for vanity or to be competitive but because people are proud parents, and so you should be. So why just point your camera at your subject and shoot? A lot of my friends have beautiful fun kids so let’s put them in a photo they deserve to be in, with composition. I want people to be more aware of composition the make their “whole” (there’s that word from the definition again) a better whole. Please note that this is just strictly opinion and you make of it what you will.

Okay so let’s break this down to one form of composition; perspective.

Perspective in photography is where you take the shot from and what approach or angle you have at your subject. I believe getting in a position from a child’s perspective when taking photographs of your children brings out the inner child of the person observing the image, envisioning your subject on their level. The subject is not looking up to a parent or guardian but its just there; in the moment. It creates the illusion that the photograph hasn’t even been taken, its just there and creates a more powerful and meaningful image.

So next time you get out your DSLR, Smartphone or disposable try it out. Shoot from a child’s perspective and be aware of your choice of backdrop. Your kids may even become more interactive and photogenic as their curiosity begins to rise as your down on the ground taking photographs. Hope this works for you, good luck and most importantly have fun!

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