A good photographer takes pictures but a great photographer can tell a story through photos.  Weddings, families, businesses and brands all have stories that should be told through the careful use of well-framed and creative photographs that ooze emotion.

Photographs are very brief moments in time but they can preserve the emotions that the subjects are feeling at that instant, allowing them to be shared.

Brides-and-grooms-to-be can encapsulate the euphoria (and nerves) they both felt before and during their big day; not to mention the quiet sniffles and silent tears of joy from Mum and Dad.

Brands and Businesses can reinforce their driving passions and tell the story of their culture, both inside and out.  Families can document the enjoyment and excitement of a day together that they can continue to share for years to come.

UK & Destination Wedding Photographer

strongly believe that photos are time capsules of intense emotion that, when they’re done well, can communicate every ounce of feeling that was experienced by those in the photograph without ever asking anyone to pose. The documentary style that I use is discreet, looking for those subtle snapshots that authentically tell the story for you.

Mainly working with brides and families in Liverpool and the rest of the UK, my style and approach can work with you to create natural photographs at your venue of choice.

If you would like to discuss your photography requirements, complete the form on the contact page and I’ll get back to you right away.

Kind Words

“I love that during our ceremony because we are so focused on each other Stephen has captured moments like our parents faces because we would never have seen them. What we were most pleased with is just how friendly Stephen was, he wasn’t a bossy photographer trying to get everyone into place to pose he just let the pictures happen naturally. He gets to know you as a couple and really pays attention to detail. It’s incredible what Stephen can capture in one picture!”.

Stephanie Keatings

“No one could of done a better job. Both Freddie’s photos and our wedding photos cover our house. You captured our wedding beautifully and gave us more than we could of asked for. You just fitted in, no awkwardness, just like one of our friends. Our pictures aren’t staged, everything is natural and I love that. From start to finish you always went the extra mile. Making a video of all of our photos, with songs we had in the wedding topped it for me. I still well up, I will never get bored of watching that.”

Stacey Bark

“Just had our wedding photo viewing and all we can say is simply amazing. Thanks to Ste and his photos, we will always be able to relive our special day. We couldn’t thank him enough for his professionalism and friendliness to all of the guests and for being apart of our day. We especially loved our selfie!”

Amy Sibson

“Ste photographed my brothers wedding, Amazing photographer! It felt like he was part of the wedding party, very relaxed and made everyone feel comfortable, was really good with the kids too! The wedding photos are beautiful, and managed to capture special natural moments! Will definitely be booking for a family photo shoot! Xx”

Lauren Dunn

“We always knew you would be able to capture our day the way we envisaged. I could not be happier with the results. You really did capture the day perfectly and you have given us memories to share with everyone for the rest of our lives. We will forever be grateful for that. You couldn’t ask for a better photographer than Ste. If you want someone who will give it his all and produce the most amazingly creative yet naturally beautiful images of your day then you need to pick this man. Before our big day we had every confidence in Ste, and he did not disappoint.”

Steph Belfitt

“To say we were blown away would be an absolute understatement, you have captured the most important day of our lives in the most beautiful way. We really didn’t want run of the mill photos, just like everyone else’s we ever seen. You gave us exactly what we wanted. We had seen quite a few of your pictures and the reviews that had been left by other happy customers. You really do have such a gift and a really creative perspective! So lucky we had you xx”

Katy Eason


  • When I was shooting a wedding in Greece 🇬🇷 last month on the Island of Hydra we were served with complimentary lemonade 🍋 cucumber 🥒 and mint 🍃 ice cold drinks. 🥛They were perfect for a hot day.
  • Easily one of my favourite images from 2017. @leannemott arriving at her wedding to make life long promises to her best friend Stu. I'd love to know what you think of this image?
  • Literally the coolest people in Liverpool at that precise moment. @30jamesst
  • Jewellery has to be on point on your wedding day 👊🏻
  • Just Love, Promises, Commitment, Emotion + Pure Happiness. ❤️🔐👊🏻😲😍
  • I don't have a daughter (yet😳) but giving away your daughter must be one of the proudest moments ever! This is moments before we got to the isle! I feel so privileged to be this close to the emotions and moments throughout the day. If you know someone getting married out me in touch and see what moments I can capture for them.
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